Lil Dell Throwing up His BroGang sign, representing his neighborhood, in "ThuGGin" rap video

Lil Dell Throwing up His BroGang sign, representing his neighborhood, in “ThuGGin” rap video


The internet is calling a Pensacola, Florida rapper Tay-K part two.   Why is this ? The teenager is on the run and people are anticipating a ‘Do The Race 2.’   However, this would not be wise by any measure. Police use internet tracking technology these days and one upload will give away the rapper’s location.  But with this kid’s crime, he may be better off the streets.  At least, if he is guilty of the crime as being portrayed. Florida rapper Lil Dell wanted by Pensacola Police,’ is the headline entertaining the internet but firing rockets at cars is next level danger.

Lil Dell Wanted For Killing Innocent Woman, Fired A Missile

No mistake, the streets of Florida are officially third world status.   As the Breakfast Club radio show host Charlamagne the god says, the craziest people in America come from two places: The Bronx and Florida.   This rapper’s case may prove his point.

Rapper Lil Dell, real name Cordellious Dyess, is wanted by police.  The Pensacola-Florida Police Department believe the 19-year-old is the trigger man behind a heinous killing.     According to the PD, Dyess and 3 friends assaulted a rival gang member inside a local nightclub, Platinum. The ‘beef’ continued outside the venue.   It was there the group of four fired off various weapons.

The Bro Gang members also retrieved an ‘altered firearm,’ a rocket launcher according to Police Reports.   Though not clear how it was used, surfacing reports say Lil Dell took the weapon from his associates and fired it.  He was targeting a rival gang member. Not as simple as ‘shooting, Dell had no idea how to use the rocket launcher. The attempt was a misfire.  Some are reporting he hit the car of 20-year-old Elizabeth Harris or a vehicle very close to her.

Harris died from the event regardless.   One of nearly 50-shots fired that night hit the fan of rap music in her back.  Not even yet legally able to drink, she would be driven to the hospital where she succumbed to her wounds.

The targeted Cash Gang member was  hit once. Their car was hit with 15 shots.   At least 7 guns were responsible for a minimum of 44 shots fired in the Platinum Nightclub’s parking lot.  BroGang, after missing all their targets and risking the lives of innocent Pensacola youth, fled the scene along with their rivals.

Photo from Lil Dell instagram, before he was wanted by Pensacola Police

Photo from Lil Dell Instagram, before he was wanted by Pensacola Police


Cash Gang vs BroGanG

Three associates of the rapper have already been arrested. All are allegedly members of Pensacola’s notorious BroGanG [news wkrg 5 report].   Two young men, Markeasia James (17-years-old) and Tequan Warren (18-years-old), are now facing charges for 1st degree felony murder, attempted murder, and aggravated assault. Along with that, there’s also ‘shooting into a vehicle.’   The third alleged gang member, Dante Walker will be charged with accessory after the fact. The 19-year-old was guilty by association, riding with the gang after.

Lil Dell is also a member of the “BroGanG” allegedly.  His music video “ThuGGiN” features a rap group, titled after Pensacola street crew.

The BroGang has ‘beef’ with the ‘Cash Gang’ over an event that took place in 2017.   The two had a conflict at the Pensacola Interstate Fair, that’s led to over 22 shootings since that night.

Lil Dell Instagram

On Instagram, fans and newcomers alike are watching and waiting.  Some think the rapper will make an appearance on social media before he turns himself in.   However, this would not be a normal-minded person type of move.

Some are supportive of him running from Police.  Others are just chastising.  Some are just mocking.

“Don’t get caught 💪🏾” writes Instagram user @suckafree.quan under a photo.

User @The.chronicles left a comment stereotyping the rapper’s appearance.  The comment reads, “Ni–a look like he would Blow sum shit up with a Rocket launcher 💨😂”

“tay k 2.0” writes @YBSturbo.

The rapper’s profile is now smothered with similar comments from people standing on all sides of the issue.  It’s becoming an all too common and too accepted sight, for a rapper to be killed or killing.   Many commenters were just mourning the loss of Tee Grizzley’s aunt, killed while sitting in a car with the rapper [read here].  This news of having Lil Dell wanted by police, is another piece of hay in  stack.

Lil Dell Rap Videos

Lil Dell is an aspiring rap artist who’s had  minor success on YouTube. Several videos from the Teenage musician have over 100k views.  His official YouTube channel is under ‘Yabui entertainment,’ which ahs 11k subscribers. One might think the successful string of viral videos would deter a youth, as is potential seemed high.   Within a year he may have been on mainstream stages. However, that is now flushed down the toilet with one bad decision.

Watch official Lil Dell rap videos here on CKHiD:

  1. “ThuGGin” feat. BroGang

Check back for updates on the status of Lil Dell.