Rapper Blacc Zacc's New Home, A Manson Style Casa Somewhere in South Carolina

Rapper Blacc Zacc’s New Home, A Manson Style Casa Somewhere in South Carolina


If you work hard, things pay off. Rapper Blacc Zacc has been  putting in work on YouTube since at least 2011. Here 8 years later, it is finally his time to break through. South Carolina’s Richest Rapper, recently began touring with buzzing label-mate Stunna4Vegas.    Now that the big bank is coming from music, he’s showing fans fruits of his labor. Blacc Zacc’s new house is being built & he’s showing the entire process of i going up on instagram.

“TRUST THE PROCCESS.. Ima Show Y’all How To Trap Like ZACC fr!!! Jewelry, Cars , And Clothes Cool But You Gotta Spend Dat Money On Sh%t That Hold Value!!!! I Work Hard For This GOD IS GREAT #TLZOutNow #RichestRapperInSC #LetsGoooo” wrote Zacc as the caption for the house showcase.


Blacc Zacc’s New House

The size of the house is only something viewers can estimate from the view.  It’s obviously got a very large garage for the rapper’s cars. It looks to be a 4-car garage.   The South Carolina artist has been known to have an affinity for nice ‘whips.’

Beyond that,  the round outer frame of the home, suggests it will have a nice winding staircase inside.   A two-story home, at least 3 large bedrooms can be counted from the outer view. Downstairs would appear to have a large living room space and foyer.

No details are exact, but the rapper has mentioned having a ‘big house on the lake’ in one of his songs. Perhaps this is that home he spoke on.  If building it in his hometown of Columbia-South Carolina, this home may be on Lake Murray. The major water hole is known for having mansions and million-dollar estates on its shores, many of which are prime realty (see here).

2019 is His Year

The money is rolling in heavily for Blacc Zacc this year. He somewhat recently signed to SCMG after a hard independent push.  That label, South Carolina Music Group, has had a major year in 2019. They inked Charlotte-NC rapper DaBaby and got his records to break into mainstream.  Now, they’ve used the rapper’s momentum to push other South & North Carolina talents. Stunna 4 Vegas, Rich Dunk, and others are all label mates of Zacc.

Currently, Blacc Zacc is touring with Stunna 4 Vegas.   He took a short break while Stunna went to Europe with DaBaby.  He will begin touring again in less than a week.

Judging by growth, Blacc Zacc will likely see more breakthroughs this year. His YouTube video averages have been climbing.   The Instagram is also live and well, gaining over 60k followers in recent months.

If you want to know more than just Blacc Zacc’s new house, watch his video “Richest Rapper in SC” here on CKHiD: click here.