Lil Dell writes "I'm Innocent" on Instagram story post

Lil Dell writes “I’m Innocent” on Instagram story post


Rapper Lil Dell is on the run for murder and firing a missile at a car. This all took place at the Platinum nightclub in Pensacola-Florida just about a week ago.    A woman died [read here] during the incident, that was allegedly between his “BroGang” and another young mob, Cash Gang. Now, as expected from today’s generations, the rapper is posting on IG while on the run.   Lil Dell Instagram story read, “I’m Innocent,” along with other highlights.

Lil Dell Instagram Story

“@LilDell_900 innocent “ reads the official Instagram story post. The message has almost disappeared from social media.  It will be up an additional 8 hours, as it’s already had 16 on display

The cryptic message is not his own writing. However, it is shared to his 10.3K followers to show his stance on the issue.  The rapper is claiming he did not do the crime.

It’s unclear if the ‘ThuGGin’ rapper is who’s posting these messages but it is expected so.    One of the videos uploaded to his story, but since deleted, actually showed the rapper inside of his car.  He had a blank and unamused look, a sort of desperation.


Is he really innocent?

The Pensacola Police Department would disagree on this.  It’s not clear if they have video from the Platinum nightclub that clearly shows the rapper, but they beg to differ.  The Florida law enforcement are still waiting for Lil Dell to turn himself in for charges of 1st degree felony murder, attempted murder, aggravated assault, shooting into a vehicle, and firing a missile.

However, in defense of the young rapper, there has been a ton of cases in recent years that prove Police lie.  In fact, the Florida police departments have had a direct problem with this in 2019 (example here).   If there is no recorded video proof, the entire case will rely on testimonies of people at the scene of the shooting.

Buzz Building

From all the drama  buzz is definitely building around this teenager from Pensacola, Florida.    His music videos are skyrocketing in views.   All of the photo and videos on Lil Dell’s social media profiles are getting flooded with speculators comments.   People are joking, mocking, and supporting. Either way, the storm of press that’s been generated since this crime is culminating in  heavy round of promotion to the rapper’s name.

If the crime was committed by him, he does not deserve support.

However, if he is innocent of the crime, his music is worth reviews of major blogs like WorldStarHipHop, VladTV, etc undoubtedly .  Stay tuned for more updates as the rapper is currently on the run from Police.  How this unfolds is yet to be known.  The rapper is definitely considered  ‘threat’ by Police.  After the launching of a missile , it is a sure thing that Pensacola’s law enforcement have  an ability to shoot on sight, if he’s confrontational.   Only God knows where this will go.