Ibram X Kendi with his new book, "How To Be Antiracist"

Ibram X Kendi with his new book, “How To Be Antiracist”


New book “How to be a Antiracist” explains the difference between a person who is simply not a racist and those who are antiracist.   The way these two titles sound, may seem similar, but they are far in contract actually. A need for understanding on the differences of those two types of people, birthed a best-selling new book.   That book has a lot discussing racism as author Ibram X Kendi claims the worst racists say “I’m the least racist.

Kendi say with international news publication, The Guardian for an interview recently to elaborate on his now-famous ideology.   He also entails how people can change themselves and community.

“We can distinguish between a racist and an antiracist by how they respond when charged with saying or doing something that is racist,” says Ibram X on his initial way of sorting through people to find their stance on racism.

By ‘charged,’ the author is speaking of the action of initial claims being made against someone.  A person is calling out a racist action.  When being confronted for making someone uncomfortable or offending them, the next response tells all.

Not shocking to some, a racist’s response will likely always be to simply disregard the thoughts of the person offended.

Worst Racists Say, “I’m The Least Racist” always

Author Kendi elaborates, “No matter what they say or do when charged with being racist, a racist says, ‘I’m not racist.’  But what an antiracist does when charged with being racist is accept that idea or action as the definition of a racist idea and the definition of a racist.”

A person who is not racist will always try to fix the situation and value the feelings of others.  Non-racists will want to learn and communicate through issues, to make sure the problems never happen again.

If a person is extremely racist and worst of all, Kendi claims their response will be polar opposite.  These types of people will not only denounce the idea that they are a racist. These ‘worst racists’ will profess themselves to be the ‘least racist in the world.’ The statement is almost a way to crown themselves this and see who’s willing to follow their blindness.  In layman’s, it is blind leading blind,  when allowed to pass.

The new book on “How To Be Antiracist” also identifies many other facets of racism. This includes self-hatred in the Black community of America.   Ibram X professes that the mentality of calling people an ‘Oreo’ or sell-out, are also types of racism.  These are type of biggotry the Afro-American community face from within.  The top-selling author says this type of behavior is internalized racism.  People doing this are parroting the past. Some relate such concepts to generations keeping mental chains to the overseers & proprietors of slavery.

The book “How to Be Antiracist” is available now on Amazon.   The full interview by Ibram X Kendi claiming the Worst Racists Say “I’m The Least Racist,” can be ready on TheGuardian: see here.

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