Banksy "Devolved Parliament" painting, House of Chimpanzees

Banksy “Devolved Parliament” painting, House of Chimpanzees


It’s the return of a legend from Hip-Hop art. A genius who’s traveled the world with his art, making headlines for  shredding his own work at auctions, is ready to set new records. According to CNN, Banksy “Devolved Parliament” painting is ready to be sold & my fetch $2.5-milion dollars  at auction.


What is Banksy “Devolved Parliament” painting?

The timing is perfect for this auction, as Europe fights its way through Brexit.  This piece of art from Banksy mocks the House of Commons, comparing them to a more primitive life form.   The urban street artist re-imagines the Parliament as a place where Chimpanzees congregate to discuss politics.

Size wise, “Devolved Parliament” is not typical either.  The painting is 13 feet across, making it impossible for the home of a middle class individual.    The unique canvas is the long known piece of art by Banksy to date.

Devolved Parliament is part of the Banksy vs Britol Museum exhibition.    It was at this 2009 event that the street artist really shocked the world.  The enigma of the art world unveiled over 100 new designs.

This year on March 29th, Banksy  did another showing of the artwork.  This time it was to celebrate the success of the original exhibition but also it seems to align perfectly with the ‘Brexit’ issue.   It’s as if the ‘faceless’ artist is reminding people of the foolishness behind politics or ‘politricks.’


Banksy Instagram

“I made this ten years ago. Bristol museum have just put it back on display to mark Brexit day,” wrote the Urban genius on instagram.

He also added a predictive quote from his previous Chimp-ladden artwork: “Laugh now, but one day no-one will be in charge.”

The quick post generated over 1 million likes from fans.  Many of his followers are A-list athletes and pop stars ranging from Kevin Garnett to Drake.   Though no one has seen the face of the painter, he still has over 6.4-million Instagram followers, following no one himself.


“Devolved Parliament” Sotheby’s Auction

The auction for this painting is expected to happen October 9th. However, nothing can be guaranteed when talking about an artist like Bansky.  His creative genius is unpredictable as one of his last works to go up for auction was shredded during the bidding session [see video]. At first it was viewed as a disaster but the global news headlines generated, made it a ‘moment in art.’  Therefore the historical disaster turned into an artifact of its day. The value sky-rocketed.

Analysts believe the Banksy “Devolved Parliament” painting will fetch somewhere in the ballpark of $2.5-million-dollars from collectors.   A protest to what’s going on in Europe’s various governing bodies in recent years, it has historical context and value.

See a video below of Banksy  process to create the secret painting with a shredder in it’s frame.  Whereas it was halfway destroyed, still the “Girl With a Balloon” painting from 2006 sold.  A buyer paid $1.37-million-dollar for the world-shaking creation.


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. “The urge to destroy is also a creative urge” – Picasso

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