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Iceberg in Kulusuk, Greenland

Iceberg in Kulusuk, Greenland

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In the Urban world, little attention is put on mother nature.  Becaus it does not make rap videos or get athlete’s attention much, it’s not popular culture.  Things will change in a few years as some of these communities  ignoring will be flooded out.   For instance, this past week the sound of a super huge explosion was heard in the Greenland town, Kusuluk.  A small Inuit community, almost everyone in the area was confused about what made the sound. According to CNN however, the answer has now been found.   The ‘explosion,’ as many called, was actually an ice sheet  breaking away. A piece of frozen wter the size of soccer field and 12.5 billion tons in weight.


Where did it go?

Coming Soon Such a massive iceberg could sink the Titantic 5 times over as it’s bigger than any boat.    The pressure it took to make the ice crack could probably rip through houses, cars, and bone.    The event isn’t what has everyone talking however. Instead,  the issue is how fast Greenland is melting from global warming.

The 12.5 billion tons of ice that broke off the glacier is the most every lost in a single day on record.    Although it seems like ‘just water’ to some, this is a costly reminder of how fast the world is warming. The US and Europe’s severe heat waves of 2019, linked to global pollution, are said to be causing such phenomenons too frequently today.

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What’s even more interesting to many, the heat waves and desert like air sweeping the globe is not the only problem. The oceans are heating up so much now that water underneath these mammoth glaciers is heating up as well.  The ice is being eaten  by heat on the top and bottom as if it’s a hot dog in buns.

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What will happen if Greenland glaciers melt?

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