Type 64 Sportscar, the 1st Porsche, built during Nazi Germany

Type 64 Sports car, the 1st Porsche, built during Nazi Germany

Germany sports car was created during the Nazi era.   According to CNN, the luxury sports car founder created the first model of the brand during that time period.  At that time, brand creator Ferdinand Porsche did not have a business name, but that does not stop his first car from being valued at $20-million-dollars.

Who’s buying?

The $20MM tag is an estimated value for the prototype sports car. Named the Type 64, it was created in Nazi Germany, before the founder of Porsche sports car founded the official brand name.    Because of this, the ‘Type 64’ is correlated to the brand by looks and knowledge, not a decal. Built in the 1930’s however, it is certainly long beyond requirements to be labeled a classic or vintage sports car.

The sales price of $20-million dollars has not been fetched yet by the auction house listed to sell the car.  The original sales event was botched by a confusion that happened live on-stage. Even with the auctioning company’s blunder, buyers still bid up to $17-million-dollars.   However, that ‘low ball’ value did not reach the seller’s reserve price, a minimum price to win, for the auction.

The problem at auction…

The reason the auction was cancelled,  the ‘bidding screen’ behind the auctioneer was not showing the current bid properly.   When the speaker said $13-million, the screen showed $30-million. By the time he reached $17-million-dollars, the screen showed $70-million, receiving no further bids in competition of the price.

Rear and Interior Views of the Type 64, Original Porsche Sports car by Ferdinand Porsche

Rear and Interior Views of the Type 64, Original Porsche Sports car by Ferdinand Porsche

The auction house, RM Sotheby, said it was a simple honest mistake.   The free press the auction is gaining from the error, may be a bonus for the seller however.  As sites like CNN and CNBC [video here] cover the car auction now, more car buyers may be interested.  Urban celebs like Floyd Mayweather and Birdman are quick to make such purchases to flaunt their wealth.

Was Porsche’s creator racist against people of color?

A very slippery slope to judge the founders of such brands as times were much different. However, according to an AskReddit History buff [read here], the sports car brand was very ‘hand in hand’ with racist dictator Adolf Hitler. Not only that, the company allegedly used slave laborers  during World War 2 to build their automobiles.

On the swing of this however, a contrary pose.    Ferdinand Porsche partnered with a Jewish man to help make his vision for Porsche happen.    According to TheTruthAboutCars.com, Porsche would not be possible without affluent Speedcar driver, Adolf Roseberger.

In short, based in history, the founder of the luxury sports car brand is guilty of aiding the wrongdoing of Africans and Jewish people.   Reparations should be paid to these people by the brand and Hip-Hop artists should be aware. As many are worried about “Gucci,” this should be a much bigger story.