Banksy "Devolved Parliament" painting, House of Chimpanzees

Banksy “Devolved Parliament” painting, House of Chimpanzees

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Coming Soon It’s the return of a legend from Hip-Hop art. A genius who’s traveled the world with his art, making headlines for  shredding his own work at auctions, is ready to set new records. According to CNN, Banksy “Devolved Parliament” painting is ready to be sold & my fetch $2.5-milion dollars  at auction.

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What is Banksy “Devolved Parliament” painting?

The timing is perfect for this auction, as Europe fights its way through Brexit.  This piece of art from Banksy mocks the House of Commons, comparing them to a more primitive life form.   The urban street artist re-imagines the Parliament as a place where Chimpanzees congregate to discuss politics.

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