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Spain Police Arrest Party-Goers at Illegal Ibiza Rave

Spain Police Arrest Party-Goers at Illegal Ibiza Rave

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Coming Soon On Sunday, August 25th, police raided an illegal rave being held in a protected woodland area according to The Sun UK. The rave, which at one point was attended by over 1000 people, was not raided until numbers had dwindled to around 200. However, it is obvious that these last party-goers were the most determined to continue, and they tried to fight back against the over 40 arresting police officers. Party-goers made use of rocks and iron bars found somewhere in the area, which is located close to Cala Conta, a beach popular with tourists in Ibiza.

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It’s unclear what exactly the incident was triggered the violence, or if the violence just slowly escalated. However, what is clear is that over 73 arrests were made, due to the high resistance that officers faced at the scene. Although officers allegedly came forward and intitially instructed the ravers to clear off, they refused to do so, and then apparently turned particularly violent. According to chief of the Civil Guard, Enrique Gomez,

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“When officers arrived to tell them they had to leave and stop the music because it was an illegal party in a protected area, they refused to do so, provoking police and even assaulting them and injuring several.”