Official NBA Youngboy "Slime Mentality" music video

Official NBA Youngboy “Slime Mentality” music video


NBA Youngboy cannot perform any of his music in a public concert venue right now. It is part of his probation since the shooting with Tee Grizzley.  However, the rapper can still record new songs in his home recording studio. He can also shoot music videos. Therefore, that appears to be what the teenage rap star is doing with his time.   Working again, the official NBA Youngboy “Slime Mentality” music video has been released.

NBA Youngboy “Slime Mentality” music video

This new rap visual is nothing too complicated.  Since the women love the young rapper, he can shoot a video just about anywhere and get away with it.  Many females just want to see his face.

Therefore, the Louisiana rapper shot his new ‘Slime Mentality’ gangster rap video in what appears to be his own front & backyard.    Laying low with a friend, the two simply step and dance, reciting the words this new single. The lyrics are all “G,” letting his opps know that Hip-Hop beef to him is a real thing.  He is down to ‘slide on slime’ or drop a bag to erase problems.

The ‘cool’ of the video however, NBA Youngboy has developed some serious off-roading skills in his off time.   It appears the young rap star can crack a “12:00” position almost on a four-wheeler. Very comfortable on the ATV vehicle, he hows off a few different slides too.

A ‘shock’ for some, with all the success Youngboy has had, he’s got serious issues with health. Beyond the fact, the rapper’s admitted to having herpes (read here), he’s also smoking cigarettes.   In this new video, it’s clear he’s puffing nicotine, usually a sign someone’s dealing with mental health issues.

Views and Comments on YouTube

The most popular comments on this “Slime Mentality” music video are all about how fast it has blown up on YouTube.

“3M in less than 24 hours, YoungBoy supporters don’t play 🔥😤💯” wrote user @Sir Z Gaming.

Another writes a comment mocking Rich The Kid for being a supportive figure in the visual.

“Rich The Kid : Yo lemme hop on this song real quick

NBA YoungBoy : nah but you can dance next to me in the video tho,” posted user @MoneyTheNerd.

The first comment is more dead on however. People can joke about things within the visual but the truth is, fans love it.   This new music video was being waited on after the tense court issues surrounding NBA YB’s court hearing on probation violation.     The result on that demand is cash money.

The official NBA Young Boy “Slime Mentality” music video  has nearly 3.5-million views since it’s August 31st release.  That is an over 1.7-million views daily average as day 3 since it’s release begins, today.

Watch the new gangster rap video below, here on CKHiD.