CurrenSy dances like he's working a car with hydraulics in "Must Admit" rap video

CurrenSy dances like he’s working a car with hydraulics in “Must Admit” rap video


Remember once upon a time there were two popular rappers who went by the name Wiz and Spitta. They would team up from time to time, driving fans  nuts to see them perform together. Fast forward it a decade, the two are still friends but we no longer see either in the spotlight much. Finally the drought is over.    Fresh out, the official Currensy ”Must Admit” music video has been released.

Just before the video was released, the southern drawl and melody rapper uploaded a clip to instagram.  With it, he left a caption to get fans anticipating something on YouTube.

“I’m Thinkin I should drop this video tonight at 9 ….. this is ‘get dressed music’ haha the whole EP is get dressed music…. ‘must admit’ #hotaugustnights get ready for tonight’s adventures!!!!”


Official Currensy ”Must Admit” music video

Currensy definitely kept the theme of the album in this video.  It appears the rapper is atop a residential or hotel building, lounging by the pool.  The name of the building is unknown but from the visual, one thing is certain. Spitta is next to the Palace Cafe on Canal street in New Orleans, Louisiana.  He kept things jiggay in his hometown one of the ‘Hot August Nights’ of 2019 to make a dope visual.

Surely enjoying himself in the flick, he’s in the company of several beautiful women. One of these broads stands next to the rapper in a string bikini thong, letting her cheeks clap as he raps.  A slight distraction from the rapper, his swank fashions make it hard to choose what to check for first.

Video Views on Jet Life YouTube

The new project was released on the official Jet Life Recordings YouTube channel.     The single is a release from his latest album, Hot August Nights.   To date it has over 256K views on the tube.   It’s averaging nearly 70k plays daily on the video streaming site.  It appears the Jet Life rapper has no lost the pep in his stride with rhyming.  Fans are still loyal to the Louisiana spitta.

The present of Curren$y is a long way from the days the rapper was signed to Cash Money / Young Money records with Lil Wayne.  Watch the official “Must Admit” music video below, here on CKHiD.