Rapper Maino Points to the Park of Brooklyn Tekashi 6ix9ine is From, Bushwick-BK

Rapper Maino Points to the Park of Brooklyn Tekashi 6ix9ine is From, Bushwick-BK

The King of Brooklyn returned to the scene to snatch the crown back.     There’s a buzzing single from rapper Casanova 2x titled “So Brooklyn” playing everywhere currently.     It went viral after multiple rappers from BK put their ‘spin’ on it.  Now entertainers from other cities and states are remixing the joint.   However, even Casanova knew the song wouldn’t be right without a hardcore, Gangster version from the King himself.   The first video of anyone to date, his majesty has delivered a vital visual for the single. The official Maino “So Brooklyn” music video has released.

Why’s the video vital to Brooklyn culture?

Many may  let he content of this music video go over their head. If you’re not from Brooklyn or did not have connections to the streets, many things will escape your attention.  Maino goes off on his 3-minute rap song, dropping names and photos of people who made the headlines of the Brook-brook-brook’s hoods.

Some names dropped in the song include Killer Ben, Tekashi 6ix9ine the most famous rat,  street gangster Red, & Brother Polite. Maino also showed the faces of victims to Brooklyn crime, including new-coming rapper YBN Almighty Jay.  He was robbed within the last year of his chains while in BK.

Official Maino “So Brooklyn” Music Video

Again, this is Casanova 2x’s song originally. However, Main might just have taken over ownership.  The verses and delivery are above part on every level.

This was just released Tuesday, September 2nd. So far there’s been under 5k views on YouTube, a serious undervaluing of the visual.  However, blogs do take longer to pick up on videos these days. Most rappers pay for publicity but Maino’s not been the type of rapper to do so.

The video for the “So Brooklyn” KOBmix was directed and filmed by MrOnTimeFilms.  It was filmed in the heart of the Nets city. It’s also home to the more incredible brands, Jay-Z and the Notorious BIG.

Watch the new video below, here on CKHiD. Follow Maino on instagram @MainHustleHard.  IF needing more from New York, check out Harlem’s fly guy, ASAP Rocky. His new music video “Babushka Boi” just released too.