BoutaDollar Butta and his backup Hype-boy in the "Off It" rap music video. They both beat their chest like gorillas.

BoutaDollar Butta and his backup Hype-boy in the “Off It” rap music video. They both beat their chest like gorillas.


The state of South Carolina has never had a rapper break into mainstream success.   There are recognizable names like C.KHiD, who first went viral from YouTube and made it to MTV & BET cable networks.  Then came Speaker Knockaz, who took the torch further, taking viral to even higher heights. Now, many are saying the first mainstream talent has arrived from the Palmetto state.   Watch  his latest and make your opinion. Here is the official BoutADollar Buttta “Off It” rap visual release.

BoutADollar Butta “Off It” music video

The new visual is in BAD Butta’s normal format. The rapper is keeping an organic format, shooting visuals with a few friends in the streets of Greenville-SC.  Hailing from the infamous Judson Homes project apartments, his story is like a few that came into rap. Faced with a few obstacles financially in life, Butla chose the street life he says in songs.  This was after a failed sports career, which ended with bad leg injury.

In this music video, which is a short song visual, it seems Butta is letting the world know how he got his hustle on. The rapper was shipping something, maybe vacuum sealed weed, judging by his team’s choice of set props. Everybody is dancing around with USPS flat rate mail boxes.

There is a co-star in this music video as well. It appears Butta’s got a little brother or buddy who’s got dance moves. The kid who looks to be in elementary school, gives the rapper all the hype man imagery needed to keep things interesting.

YouTube Views and Stats

The “Off It’ music video was released on April 3rd, 2019.  It has since gained just over 3K views. This is not much at this time, but with the rapper’s seeming consistent delivery, it’s sure to explode in numbers at some point.   The South Carolina talent has a ‘star-like’ character and look, along with solid lyrics. The production of the music is based out, ready for any fanatic of automobiles and speakers.

The official BoutADollar Butta “Off It” music video can be watched beneath. Click play and enjoy, here on CKHiD.  Check his music on for free streaming (here).