Lil Tecca in "Ransom" music video with video vixen running a treadmill behind him

Lil Tecca in “Ransom” music video with video vixen running a treadmill behind him

There is a difference between Hip-Hop and rap music.  In 2019 the line is drawn even more clearer. It’s not a bad thing to be either title.  However, the sounds of music are no longer designated to one area as even New York rappers sound southern.   The big apple has plenty of upcoming rappers who, as Texas rap-star Pimp C once said, spitting  ‘country rap tunes.’ One act is shining above the rest this year however. Here is his booming project.  The Lil Tecca “Ransom” music video has just been released.

Who is Lil Tecca?

According to Cole Bennett of Lyrical Lemonade and other on-line sources, LT is the buzzing new Soundcloud superstar.     He’s been doing numbers on the popular music streaming service and become a heavyweight on spotify. All of his fame, it arrives from the catchyness of his melodies.  No more NYC boom bap with this kid, at all.

Where is Lil Tecca From?

Judging by the sound of a single like “Ransom,’ one might think this rapper comes from somewhere down south. A few might guess Midwest.  Even less might guess West coast. However, it is hard to imagine anyone guessing that Lil Tecca is from Springfield Gardens, New York City.  He was raised part-time in Long Island, even closer to the heart of NYC.

His style of fashion, his demeanor, his sound, nor his hairstyle would make a typical person think this rapper hails from the same region as Casanova 2x, nor Jay-Z, nor Nicki Minaj.  It is the truth however, this Soundcloud star is from New York.

Lil Tecca “Ransom” Music video

The official music video for Ransom shows no part of NYC either. Instead, it’s more of a ‘dry eyes’ kind of commercial.  The vibe for the entire visual is an almost, black emo kid, surrounded by all the vices a grown man could have. Lots of booty meat around him, twerking and gyrating while Tecca’s sits and chills.  So relaxed, he almost looks depressed.

Beyond that, LT and buddy get to have fun just goofing off in the Dominican Republic.  The two show off large house they rented, golfing cart tricks, and simple adolescent behavior.  However, the main focus is the rapper himself.

Views and Streams

So far, Lil Tecca has millions of streams on Spotify and soundcloud. The official “Ransom” music video has had over 10-million views to date.  It was released on May 22nd, 2019. The rate of growth suggests the kid is on his way to a platinum record but only time will tell.

LT has over 25,000 subscribers & followers across various social media.  Follow LT on Twitter @liltecca.  If interested in more new talent, check out Blacc Zacc “Richest Rapper in SC” after watching this below.