Casanova 2x in official "So Brooklyn" rap video with Maino to his side

Casanova 2x in official “So Brooklyn” rap video with Maino to his side


There’s been a lot of viral activity in rap lately thanks to Casanova.  His latest single has brought some names from the early 2000’s of rap, that Hip-Hop has not heard from in a while.   Memphis Bleek, Cassidy, Papoose, and more stepped out to get their 1 minute on the beat. Now it’s time for the original single to get a visual.   The official Casanova “So Brooklyn” music video has released.

Since the song did go so viral, the platform for release of the visual had to be special too.   Casanova 2x linked up with to release the official rap video. The New York City rapper took to Instagram to announce the official post on the music news site.

“I watched everybody turns their backs on me when I needed them the most.  I’m gonna make them regret it. @Billboard Premiere “So Brooklyn” ft @myfabolouslife video out now! Go check that out asap! Repost and share!! #SOBROOKLYN #SOBROOKLYNCHALLENGE” wrote Casanova 2x as the caption of the instagram video.


Official Casanova “So Brooklyn” Music Video

A perfect way to release an iconic visual, Mr 2-Times did not disappoint. The visual for the BK-NYC theme song was just as special as the single.  Unlike most Hip-Hop videos of today it does not depend on fashion and half-dressed women to be viral. Instead, it showed the beauty of Brooklyn’s streets.

The video starts off showing a few iconic places of ‘The Brook.’   Aerial shots from a Drone show some of the city’s most aged project buildings before entering the city’s Brooklyn bridge.    Major faces from the local scene are sprinkled throughout the creative. Papoose, Maino, Members of GS9, Zab Judah, and even Lance Stephenson showed up to the shoot.

A few special reminders of the Notorious BIG were in the short film. A major spray painting of Biggie was shown in the beginning of the video.  And for those that forgot, the signs for the street named after the slain rapper were also highlighted.  Formerly Fulton Street and Saint James  Place, the actual corner is now named ‘Christopher Notorious BIG Wallace Way.’   It’s nicknamed this with a creative way after BIG’s famous rap line, “Spread love it’s the Brooklyn Way.”

Fabolous stands in front of Bentley car, performing "So Brooklyn" rap verse

Fabolous stands in front of Bentley car, performing “So Brooklyn” rap verse


Featuring Fabolous

Casanova did not come alone with this single. He split the catchy tune with two rappers initially.   This was with friends Maino and Fabolous. Because of time limits however, Maino was left with the track to create his own song entirely. He released the “So Brooklyn KOB Remix” recently.  The label release is just Fab and Cas.

In the music video of course Fab shows up in typical fashion.   The 1990’s rapper performs in front of the Brooklyn waterfront in one set.  Because that’s not enough flyness, he also added an open door Bentley Coupe.

In another point, FA-BO links with Casanova 2x for  a dual shot of the two Brooklyn rappers together.

In short, this video should go down as a New York City classic for the Urban culture.    There’s not been such a gritty theme song that directly showed love to the city since Ja Rule’s “New York” track.