Brenty Faiyaz playing with a Puppy during photo shoot in London

Brenty Faiyaz playing with a Puppy during photo shoot in London


Smooth as butter, the type of music that makes your soul want to relax.    That’s the description of newcomer Brent Faiyaz. Hs style is something of a man lost in a haze of smoke.  And maybe it’s wrong to say but some compare him to a new age Jimmy Hendrix. Either way, he is delivery great music.  Here’s the latest project today, Brent Faiyaz “F–k The World” aka Summer In London, official music video.

This was released in the afternoon of Wednesday, September 11th.  Promotion is not done for much of his work, but his singles are finding their way to the forefront of pop culture.   Not many Black music artists with his style have done this recently. Radio companies tend not to support such acts, instead giving priority to white artists who copy the culture and swagger.  Record labels tend to pay white artists more, even if they copy the music too (see here), but that’s another story.  For now, Faiyaz has new music, and it’s fire.


Brent Faiyaz “F–k The World” aka Summer In London (official music video)

The new music video is of course, taking place in Europe.  The rising pop talent gives fans a view of his life while across the Atlantic Ocean, on Eastern hemisphere.    Girls grab him, people in the streets let him pass with out paparazzi cameras, and the eclectic dressed singer takes care of various music-related media engagements. All of this is in a few days of Brent’s life, all capture in the visual.

What’s really clear, during the club performances, the R&B soul singer gets very intimate with his fans.     Brent Faiayaz chills in the crowd and lets everyone touch him, while getting some shots for the “F–k The World” music video.  He lights up marijuana joints and shares them as if it were a tribal ritual, various times.

Brent Faiyaz sits on London Bridge in "F*ck the World" aka "Summer In London" music video

Brent Faiyaz sits on London Bridge in “F*ck the World” aka “Summer In London” music video

YouTube Views on New Music Video

The views right now are fairly low. Only 27K views have been counted by Youtube. However, this is sure to change quickly.    Brent’s videos tend to grow slowly since there is no major marketing behind him yet and fans who love the music, generally use YouTube to hear their favorite new tracks.

Expect this video to reach in the hundreds of thousands of views within a few days.    Growth is certain. Watch the Brent Faiyaz ‘F–k The World’ aka Summer in London, official music video, here on CKHiD.  Hit play on the YouTube frame below.’

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