Box Carlito in the "Stole the Bag" music video with 3 strippers

Box Carlito in the “Stole the Bag” music video with 3 strippers


Time for a new Carolina rap artist to get shine, here on CKHiD.   There’s a new trap rap music artist buzzing. His stunt game is what’s causing waves of commotion. His latest video exemplifies the lifestyle people are whispering about.  The new Box Carlito “Stole The Bag” music video is here.

A visual shot in the club, Calito’s sound is quite unique.  Hailing from Raleigh-North Carolina, it’s apparent with his swagger and diamond display, he’s ready to shine anywhere.  Tossing up dollars in the club, surrounded by beautiful women, the concept of ‘balling’ appears to be his life.

Box Carlito “Stole The Bag” ft Rich CVM music video

The rapper is not alone on the track.  He features a fellow Carolinian rapper, who also shows up in the music video. The ‘drip’ is quite official on them both.  Strippers, luxury cars, and jewelry are everywhere.

To date, the video only has about 3,000 views. This is extremely low for the video quality and documented lifestyle. However, Carlito is on his way up and this should grow.   And that’s only if the rapper can quit his life of crime. According to various reports,  BC has been arrested multiple times, facing drugs and robbery charges that carry heavy sentences.  He has beat a few cases before but there is only so long that ‘street luck’ can hold out before something major goes down.

The song itself is a hard trap rap single. Watch the official “Stole the Bag” video below.   He’s one of the rising stars from the Tarheel state making a buzz, like DaBaby.   Box Carlito’s not far from the home of Mr “Who Dat” aka J.Cole but he sounds nothing like the Roc Nation superstar.  Because it’s on CKHiD, simply share the page URL with friends if you want to support.