Stunna 4 Vegas Dancing In The 'Double Ds' music video

Stunna 4 Vegas Dancing In The ‘Double Ds’ music video

If you ever wondered what Spring Breakers would’ve been like if the character Alien was even more tongue-in-cheek, then you’d end up with thsi classic gangster rap visaul.   By a freshly buzzing North Carolina rapper, the official Stunna 4 Vegas “Double Ds” music video was just released this past Thursday. The newest single from Big 4-times, it shows a new sound from the rising artist.

The Song Sounds Honest

A minimalist staccato beat that leaves you with a sense of tinnitus made an immediate impression after listening to this track for the first time. The song is hard, and homegrown – which makes it feel much more honest than a lot of bigger artists who cash in on this style of gangsta rap. Essentially, it’s raw, and feels real, especially when compared with something which is much more stylized and produced. The lyrics to the track are fairly simple and straightforward, detailing the rapper’s views on fame and fortune now that he’s attained them. Women, the police, other artists – they’re all after him, and he knows it … so leave him alone.


Stunna 4 Vegas “Double Ds” music Video Pairs Well With Song

The video pairs very well with the new rap track. It was directed by Reel Goats, a production company that has previously worked with famed rapper and Stunna collaborator DaBaby. The video itself is highly stylized, and will strongly reminds you of Harmony Korine’s work. However, this was obviously an artistic choice, and it worked out very well: Reel Goats were able to take all the style and glamour out of Spring Breakers and instead bring out the grit. Although vibrant colors, interesting angles, and semi-nude, assault rifle-toting women are literally popping out of every frame, they were able to bring out the grit (or grits) that make Southern rap feel especially authentic.

North Carolina rapper Stunna 4x Vegas Turns a Double D size bra into a helicopter

North Carolina rapper Stunna 4x Vegas Turns a Double D size bra into a helicopter


It’s a New Sound for Stunna

The song is a further evolution for Stunna, who continues to craft his own unique sound in the rap world. In an interview with Billboard, the 23 year old said that he doesn’t really look up to anyone big in the game right now, besides 21 [Savage]. You can hear this in his music already, which is pretty defiant of current music trends. If you were to compare him to anyone, the artist is reminiscent of old-style rappers, with his (presumably) autobiographical lyrics and stripped-down beats.

The artist himself says he tries to think of every project as a way to help little-known producers and creative types out – Reel Goats, for example, have fewer than 200 Twitter followers, 12K Facebook followers, and 40K Instagram followers. Those Instagram numbers have certainly been helped out by their shoutout in the beginning of Stunna’s newest video. Besides helping out producers, working with smaller artists allows us as listeners to divulge in work that we otherwise probably wouldn’t have been exposed to.

The rap world is constantly releasing new music, and it’s hard to keep up, especially with smaller artists. Stunna 4 Vegas is one newer artist that  has definitely earned the attention he’s getting, and hopefully he’ll keep progressing with his initial, honest take on music, and not become one of the artists that he detests.

See the new Stunna 4 Vegas “Double Ds” music video below: