Akon sips the Black Panther potion from a witch doctor in "Wakanda" music video

Akon sips the Black Panther potion from a witch doctor in “Wakanda” music video

It has been a while since we heard from one of the top Black pop music artists, Akon.  He has been getting busy in Africa. The ‘Lonely’ singer has been helping provide solar powered lighting to parts of the continent that lacked sufficient infrastructure [ see here ].   It looks like he found a little free time in the studio here recently however.   The official Akon “Wakanda” music video released and it’s hilarious.

What’s Akon ‘Wakanda’ about?

First off, this video may come off strange to some. Michael Blackson is dancing around on a pole in front of women. They shower him with ones as he’s thrusting his hips forward in a comical motion.   Those who are slow, might not realize it, but Blackson’s playing the role of a professional bone shaker or male exotic dancer in “Wakanda.’    The reason he’s doing this, it goes along with the song.

Akon “Wakanda” is a melodic song about the power of the African ‘D.’    Though it’s a comical song, there is something to be said about the actual topic. Worldwide, women whisper about Black men being well endowed aka hang-time like MJ.    Most women want to know how it feels before they die because a high percentage of men do not provide proper penetration nor stimulation. When one thinks about ‘Vibranium’ in the Black Panther movie, one could debate if talking about pipe-laying.  After all, 8-12 inches of the hardest ‘Wakanda’ in the world would blow some women’s minds.

Views on YouTube

The official video was released via the WorldStarHipHop channel.    Uploaded just over 2 days ago, the video has over 200k views to date.    If it’s not uploaded to the Pop stars official YouTube, it’s unlikely the song will see millions upon millions of views like most of his other projects.  Perhaps this is more of a quick notice to fans, letting them know Akon is back to work and in a jolly mood.

What is better though?  “Wakanda” or the “Black Forces [see here]” song?