Doja Cat is just as juicy as a sweet & ripe watermelon fruit from Georgia

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viagra 24 stunden lieferung Hohoe Ever since this girl had a viral hit about ‘moo’ing’ like a cow, she has been on her grind.   Respecting the hustle is a must in life and her work ethic has been unrivaled.   Even Cardi B been popping a little trash talk at this Youtuber turned pop star [ read here ].    None the less, she’s still coming with the hits.  The official Doja Cat “Juicy” music video just dropped.

A truly Juicy video concept This is a dope music video.  If one pays attention to the rm of it, the entire theme follows suit of the song title.   Doja Cat wears outfits and stands on sets that mimic the color of ‘Juicy Fruit’ gum wrappers.    Another set for the video features the California drop-out turned pop star in  watermelon outfit.   And to take it up a notch, they crack open the ‘melon-licious’ singer and she’s juicy red on the inside. She looks like a sweet, Georgia watermelon.

Tyga jumps into the music video around the 1:30 mark.  He follows suit into the juicy color schemes.  The rapper still has his long hair braided and surely enjoys performing alongside the ‘Cat.’      She frolickas around Tyga and basically gives him  a live twerk session.   He can see it from the back, back, back, back.

Doja Cat shows it from the front

Doja Cat shows it from the front


Exploiting herself

While women have long been a part of Hip-Hop culture as video vixens and models, things are changing.  Doja Cat is clearly and happily, exploiting her sexual nature for profits.  She flaunts her body with and without censorship. She has her backside covered by cherries in one part of video. However, that change within 30 seconds. After that,  DC’s shaking what her momma gave her like users are throwing dollars at their computer screen.   However, she’s not a stripper though.  She is a lot of men’s fantasy with over 850k YouTube subscribers thirsting over her.  But, she is still fully clothed.

Watch the official Doja Cat ‘Juicy’ music video featuring Tyga below.  Want some more strap rap, go check out female South Carolina rapper Lushh’s video “Lu$hh“.