Doja Cat flexes her finger rings in "Juicy" strap rap music video

Doja Cat flexes her finger rings in “Juicy” strap rap music video

It looks like Doja Cat upsetting Cardi B, is not stopping her success.  The video of her singing “Press,” in a seeming mockingly tone, was likely just a goofy moment for the singer in her car.  However, in this Snap Chat era, fans can make beef out of thin air.   And because of that ability, that is exactly what they did.   So much in fact, it caused Cardi B to respond [see here] and check Doja’s temperature. It also caused the Bardi fans to go apes on Doja Cat of course.  However, that energy from fans seemed to turn into a gain for the Cali-drop-out turned pop star.  Her latest music video “Juicy” released just last week and is becoming her fastest growing music video to date.   The chart  racing single is getting over 1.5-million views on YouTube daily.

Video of Doja Cat Mocking Cardi B ‘Press’

How many views exactly?

The video released on August 16th.   As of today, August 21st, the video has over 9.5-million views with 4 hours left in the day (eastern time).  If the video does just 500k more views today, it will chart 10-millino plays in less than 6 days.   This is much expected by data analysis.

Few rappers today are doing these types of numbers so rapidly.  In comparison, Cardi B’s video for “Press” only has 37-million views in almost 30 days.  Still a great achievement, pop star status, but it also shows how quickly Doja’s grown. A much bigger music company machine pushes behind the Bronx Afro-Latina rapper at this point of time.  However, in 26 days, she’s achieved just 1.4-million views daily.

These numbers could change as time goes, but either way, it’s a huge achievement for Doja Cat.  It signals she has a fast growing fan base.   Cardi B is still a much bigger artist but Doja’s quickly becoming a household name.

Watch the juicy music video here on CKHiD: click here.   It’s a very creative and unique strap rap visual.   The ‘Mooo!’ rappers has a good time flaunting her goodies for the camera.  She is a confident, all natural bombshell.