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Future flexes his diamond watch and necklaces in front of 2 model vixens from "100 Shooters" music video

Future flexes his diamond watch and necklaces in front of 2 model vixens from “100 Shooters” music video

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We got DaBaby [ see here ] !  We got Future! At the same Damn Time!   It’s a great summer for music.  Looks like the Atlanta Wizard is back. Today the FreeBands boss returned to the YouTube channel with a new visual for fans.  The official “100 Shooters” trap music video has dropped.


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Future with Meek Mill

This is an unlikely combination to some.  Well, not really when you think about it. Perhaps to some people who do not understand the lyrics beyond the image.   Both Meek and Wzrd are trap rap, gangster rappers. However, it seems Future has learned to crossover with into Pop culture and mainstream America better. His fashionable image and early references to drugs hit heavy with white American youth.

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On the single,  the lyrics of the two rappers are very different.  On the Future “100 Shots” video, you can hear Meek Mill talking all gangster.  His delivery of content is very direct, describing the lifestyle of a street boss but might not be exactly his life.  Future on the other hand, he’s very abstract and indirect with the delivery of his message. There is more flaunting of his current life but it seems like he is describing his actual life, very much so.   A genius flow because the Atlanta rapper’s using an abstract narcissistic flow. Few rappers have mastered this in the history of rap. However, that’s probably why Future is as big as he is.

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