Guapdad 4000 & freinds cruise Oakland-California streets in a convertible Bentley, luxury car

Guapdad 4000 & freinds cruise Oakland-California streets in a convertible Bentley, luxury car


Welcome to the YAY AREAAAA , you are now tuned in.  If you have ever heard of Swiper the Fox, then you should know about this guy too.   The “Swank Swiper” has sniped another hit.   Rap name, Guapdad 4000, the self-proclaimed scamboy has returned.   His new music video “First Thing First,” just released  August 15th.

The Storyline

The new rap video starts out with Guapdad giving a rundown of his inspiration for this flick.  He says he wanted to take a page out of “Lil Dickey’s book,”  finessing a whole video. However, the tough part of getting to shoot a luxury video for free like the white boy, is owners don’t trust Black kids like that.  At least that’s what Mr 4000 says.

Anyhow, avoiding the self-doubts, Guapdad 4000 and his team move forward with the idea. They hit a clothing store and a car lot, borrowing luxury cars to give the video a luxurious drip.  Once they have the car, they cruise the streets of Oakland, California.  With the music turned up and celebrating success with the Bentley’s rooftop open, Guap’s team then go to find G-Eazy.

G-Eazy finds out he's being "Fin'nowed" aka finessed by Guapdad 4000

G-Eazy finds out he’s being “Fin’nowed” aka finessed by Guapdad 4000


This video’s so magnificent, it feels like you got finessed into believing dude’s really finessing people for his video. However, by the 2nd verse,  you realize the Bay Area rapper is acting, maybe. However, after watching you’re still not sure if Guapdad was really using G-Eazy’s name to scam different brands.  The artist is pretty big and deserves free clothing and weed from people in his videos, but the it’s quite the enimga of  visual.

G-Eazy shows up in the video at first, simply confirming a favor of letting Guapdad being able to crash at his house for a little.   At this time though, the ‘Oakland Slim Shady’ is busy, shooting a video with Los Angeles rapper YG, so he tosses 4000 the keys, no problem.   When he arrives at his home, he finds out he was finessed.

Shortly after all of that, G-Easy raps his verse.  He went to work on the track, totally crushing  the rap pattern at one point.  Not to mention, G4000 does his thing as well. The melodies and delivery of the Bay area rapper are infectious.  Enough said however, just watch the official Guapdad 4000 “First Things First” music video below.