Jeezy "1 Time" music video

Jeezy “1 Time” music video


Young Jeezy’s new album and final release on Def Jam Records is on the way.  TM105: The Legend of Snowman, an LP project, has fans hype in anticipation of it’s August 23rd release.  It’s been over 14 years since the ‘Thug Motivation’ series started and the Jizzleman is not done.  Instead he’s  working and the Snowman has just released a new Hip-Hop music video masterpiece, “1 Time.”

Jeezy “1 Time” rap video story line

The new visual is another artistic masterpiece from director Gabriel Hart.   It starts out showing the skyline of downtown Atlanta. Most notably in the view, the Philips arena where the Hawks play.  It has Georgia’s capital city name spelled out visibly on the front of the arena. It’s a great way to represent for where Jeezy lives.

Along with the skyline view, the visual takes viewers onto a tour bus of Atlanta that stops at the Trap House Museum by Ti.   A visitor on the bus gets off and engages with the Young Jeezy snowball art in the museum. From there, the young lad gets electrified by the object as it gives him an intense and detailed view into who the rapper is, along with his real life.

Snoman x Snowman

Snoman x Snowman

Views and Streams

The Jeezy “1 Time” music video was released August 1st.   With 1 million subscribers on his Youtube channel, the visual is sure to reach 1-million views.   Jizzleman  is one of the few Pop culture artists of today that does not practice manipulating view count with bot farm views.  His fan base is very firm and his numbers reflect his consistency in delivering what they want.

A side fact, the “1 Time” track samples an earlier Hip-hop hit.  Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z “Stick To the Script” was the original tune to feature this music, which should ring bells with generations of 30-years-old and more.  Credits and lyrics can be found over on Genius [view here].