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Lil Dell & Bro Gang in a symbolic photo , falling off the "Goal"

Lil Dell & Bro Gang in a symbolic photo , falling off the “Goal”

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Here’s a new talent breaking out from the streets of Pensacola, Florida.  Unfortunately, at this same time their career is already in jeopardy. According to the latest report, much of why everyone’s discovering them,  these juveniles may be on their way to lengthy prison sentences [see here]. Either way, here’s the official Lil Dell “ThuGGin” rap video, featuring the BroGang.

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BroGanG is in Trouble

Right now, Pensacola-PD are saying ‘Bro Gang’ or “BroGanG’  is an official street organization. There’s been at least 22 shootings they have been involved with.  Most of these are usually in altercations with rival street crew, Cash Gang.

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4 members of Bro Gang have been tied to a recent killing of an innocent, 20-year-old woman, Elizabeth Warren.  Her family is distraught after what happened. Some are even boycotting this group’s music for being associated with the innocent girl’s death.