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She's ready to flex , Lu$h shows her muscle in new strap rap music video

She’s ready to flex , South Carolina femcee Lu$h shows her muscle in new strap rap music video

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Jermaine Dupri calls it “Strap” rap, when females bust a tune about what their body is worth.  However, he also credits the raps as having it’s place in Hip-Hop & Rap culture, just like drill or conscious.   Therefore, when a talent is shining bright, homage can be paid in the right way.   Here is a new star, starting to shine, from the state of South Carolina. Her new, self-titled single, stirred a little buzz and the visual is starting to make waves.   The official Lushh “Lu$hh” strap rap music video is a new buzz from an old project, but it’s worth the watch.

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Coming Soon The single itself is what’s gotten hype going.  South Carolina rapper Blacc Zacc recently posed with the femcee, sharing her name with his 180K followers. It’s unclear if there is a relationship budding, but Lushh has something building herself, without a co-sign.

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South Carolina rappers Blacc Zacc and Lu$hh

South Carolina rappers Blacc Zacc and Lu$hh


Who Is she?

Lushh  is not just a female rapper from South Carolina.   She is also a business.  The upcoming singer has her own boutique brand called “Luscious Look,” pushing merchandise through a small shop and home delivery.  She’s reached nearly 10k followers on instagram, known for flaunting her curvy figure.  In this new music video, she definitively gives brothas something to quench their thirst with momentarily.   Her body being somewhat similar to Dominican model prospect, Anyelina Saba [ view model here ],  going viral isn’t about ‘if’ with her.  Instead, it is just about ‘when.’

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