Missy Elliott uses her braided hair for a jump rope in "Throw It Back" music video

Missy Elliott uses her braided hair for a jump rope in “Throw It Back” music video

When the music news from an artist starts today, it pours.     Somebody who knows this artist, might know why “I can’t stand the rain.”    Over 20 years in Hip-Hop, this female has become the symbol creativity in the culture.  The brand new Missy Elliott “Iconology” album was released this morning, bringing an old school artist back in 2019.  Now the official “Throw It Back” music video is here.

The “Iconology” album

The new album is a 5 track EP from Missy.   It features the songs:

  1. Throw It Back
  2. Cool Off
  3. Drip Demeanor ft. Sum1
  4. Why I Still Love You
  5. Why I Still Love You (Acapella)

The album was released earlier today at 12:00 AM in the morning worldwide via all major streaming platforms.

Missy Elliott “Throw It Back” music video

The first song to get spins from the album is ‘Throw it Back.’   It’s a catch club tune that has double meaning. Either a girl can ‘TIB’ on the dance floor or you can think of the throwback sounds of Missy Elliott, pure dope, coming back in 2019.

The visual itself features dancers in a wide array of fashionable styles.   Some of the illest dance choreography that’s been seen in a video in some time, goes on behind Missy as she performs the new single.  Women in pink suits, gold hoods & teeth caps, Elliott using her hair as a jump rope, and more go in the video. There’s even ‘throw back’ dances showcased through the video, to give people memories of popular moments in Hip-Hop from the past decade.

Views & Streams

Missy Elliott only has 616k subscribers on YouTube.  However, when she does her thing, she shakes up the world.  The music video is a piece of art through and through. Views have already topped subscribers in less than half a day.   It has 971,260 views as of 2:50PM (est). However, these numbers will be eclipsed by the end of the first 24 hours from launch.

A very viral appeal, it’s almost certain this video will do well over 30 million views within the first month.  No strap rap needed.