Ricky Prince, Greenville-SC rap artist walks the train tracks of the city's West End

Ricky Prince, Greenville-SC rap artist walks the train tracks of the city’s West End

Here is a new voice for South Carolina’s Hip-Hop scene.  Well, this rapper’s not new to SC, but he will be to the world.    Check out this new music video, “Make It Out,” from 20+ year veteran Ricky Prince.

Who is he?

When you talk about a person passionate about Hip-Hop and a true sage of the craft, this is him. Ricky Prince sold 10’s of thousands of CDs out of the trunk of his car in Upstate, South Carolina before 2005.   He made enough buzz locally to gain a solid reputation as a dope SC Hip-Hop artist, respected by even older emcees from NY to Florida. This hype lead to him inking a deal with Tommy Boy Records back then, but the label lost it’ budget for rappers before he got his debut [ read story here, circa 2002 ].

After the labels rap division went under, Ricky didn’t quit his grind.  He elevated his mind and learned the business. The “Prince” of SC learned the independent music game and formed his own label, Roll Ready Records.

Consistency Is Key

Since the forming of his RR label, Ricky P has single-highhandedly outworked every artist in the upstate South Carolina. No artist has produced more music and video content than him, which is likely a silent goal of the much admired, grinder.

On his YouTube, Prince has only 1.1k subscribers. However, coming from a state where technology is far behind, his following is much larger locally.  A Little known fact, his music & grind inspired C.KHiD.   Rapper C.KHiD had influence on others like Speaker Knockas.   Don’t sleep on the talent & hustle.

Watch the latest visual from SC’s independent King, “Make It Out,” now.  Click play on the YouTube video below.