BigChildSupport in "Meet God" music video, dancing with Automatic Rifles on an Abandoned House Rooftop

BigChildSupport in “Meet God” music video, dancing with Automatic Rifles on an Abandoned House Rooftop


In the words of Keefe D ‘Dayummm.’   There are some bad kids growing up in these days.  Some true menace’s to the community. From Tay K to Lil Dell, now you gotta be ready for “BigChildSupport.”    The rapper’s new music video “Meet God” is a true eye opener.


BigChildSupport “Meet God” rap video

The official visual for BCS’ single ‘Meet God’ has released.   It is definitely shocking content. Disturbing, it may be a wake up call for people with their kids out in the streets.  Things are getting quite ‘third world-ish,’ with kids playing around with AKs and SKs, before the age of high school. BigChildSupport is giving people a live feed into such a lifestyle.

In “Meet God,” the young southern rapper bounces around his neighborhood doing the most.   He’s tap dancing on roof tops with automatic rifles. BCS and a friend act like the firearms are guitars and touch every string with their hands.

Young savage life is the best way to describe how the teenage rapper shows his life.  It appears he’s in a low income community with lots of abandoned houses and signs of poverty.    A police officer appears to even race through his neighborhood while shooting the video, and they record it from a rooftop views.

Later the group had fun four wheeling through the streets of his block.  Much like Meek Mill, it appears the rising YouTube rapper has an affinity for off road rides.


“Meet God” YouTube Views

The official music video was released June 24th.   Since then it’ racked up over 444k views and still growing daily.   Just 4 days from September 2019, it appears BigChildSupport is on the verge of exploding onto the mainstream stages.   Videos such as this one are shocking the world and creating buzz, but lets hope the are stage props not real guns.