Lil Dell & Bro Gang in a symbolic photo , falling off the "Goal"

Lil Dell & Bro Gang in a symbolic photo , falling off the “Goal”

Here’s a new talent breaking out from the streets of Pensacola, Florida.  Unfortunately, at this same time their career is already in jeopardy. According to the latest report, much of why everyone’s discovering them,  these juveniles may be on their way to lengthy prison sentences [see here]. Either way, here’s the official Lil Dell “ThuGGin” rap video, featuring the BroGang.


BroGanG is in Trouble

Right now, Pensacola-PD are saying ‘Bro Gang’ or “BroGanG’  is an official street organization. There’s been at least 22 shootings they have been involved with.  Most of these are usually in altercations with rival street crew, Cash Gang.

4 members of Bro Gang have been tied to a recent killing of an innocent, 20-year-old woman, Elizabeth Warren.  Her family is distraught after what happened. Some are even boycotting this group’s music for being associated with the innocent girl’s death.


Lil Dell “ThuGGin” music video

The title of this song is spelled with two capital G’s to represent BroGanG.    A street crew formed on the ‘900 block’ of Pensacola-Florida, their music is entrenched with the culture and lifestyle the youth are living.  The music video, though fly and flashy, there’s lots of signs of trauma in it.

In various points of the video, you see the youth self-medicating with marijuana. A drug highly associated with calming the nerves and memories of people who have been through war and killing.   Smoking casually is done by some in their home and slippers, but when you see kid who appear in a poverty stricken community, it’s usually used out of ‘necessity’ not a luxury.

Another sign of a child at risk, simply their health. Many of the kids in this video appear to be enjoying life, flossing cash and new fashions, but rapper Lil Dell and a few of his BroGang counterparts look unhealthy.  “Skinny” is okay but there’s an obvious problem in a household when a child can wear $300 sneakers but have chest bones showing. Whether it be a lack of education or just kid’s going through serious mental health issues, these are all red flags.

The positive of this “ThuGGin” music video however, the kids genuinely seem to be enjoying their time in the spotlight.  Lil Dell and BroGang are very creative youth. They also strung together great lyrics. The selection of ‘beat’ was also great.  Talented youth, though the message was ‘street,’ the vibes still feel positive.

BroGang members smoking marijuana in "ThuGGin" rap video, a self-medication tactic of today's inner-city youth

BroGang members smoking marijuana in “ThuGGin” rap video, a self-medication tactic of today’s inner-city youth


Views and Plays

This rap video was released February 27th, 2019.  In the 6 months it has been up, there has been just over 168 plays.   It’s one of several videos that have hit a few hundred thousand views from Lil Dell.  His buzz seemed to be growing organically but it’s unclear where his future lies now.

Watch the official Lil Dell “ThuGGin” music video featuring BroGang below on CKHiD. Hot or not? Drop a comment.