ASAP Rocky Goes To House Of Mob's Women After Bank Robbery

ASAP Rocky Goes To House Of Mob’s Women After Bank Robbery

Everybody in Hip-Hop music and culture knew this was coming.  A$AP Rocky went straight to work on some new rap tracks, fresh out of Swedish prison.    In under 2 weeks, the Harlem star has recorded and unknown number of singles. Here is the first, announced via twitter this morning.  The official ASAP Rocky “Babushka Boi” rap music video.

Official ASAP Rocky “Babushka Boi” video

Yup, this is an official rap video release.   And to add fuel to the fire, this looks very possibly related to the now infamous situation, Rakim had in Sweden (read here).   If not, the timing is coincidentally in perfect alignment with the subject of what passed.  Racism and abuse of power, left the platinum rapper in jail for months.

In the “Babushka Boi” music video ASAP Rocky morphed into a mad cartoon character.   The rapper hits the town with  mob of friends who are on the same level of crazy.   The crew rob a bank, in a white town. After he commits the crime, he gets chased by the police.   However, in this film, the police are literally pigs!

This is sure to rub a lot of people the wrong way but it is an art. Why judge it?

A$AP Rocky bank robbery crew let off rounds at the Pigs

A$AP Rocky bank robbery crew let off rounds at the Pigs

Kill the Pigs

After the porkerized po-po chase Rocky and his crew down the have a standoff.  Just outside the city, the two mobs meet on a hill. The gang of the police meet the bank robber mob.  However, the problem the ‘Pigs’ find out, they do not have the gun power to compete. A$AP Rocky and his crew let off their automatic firearms, killing the ham-faced law enforcement

As if that weren’t enough, “Babushka Boi” rap video goes one further.   A$AP Rocky and their mom have a crew of first ladies who are also with ‘the sh-ts.’    It’s alluded to that after the mob shoot down the ‘pork patrol,’ the women of their team turn them into ‘Grandma’s Finest’ hot dogs.

The official ASAP Rocky “Babushka Boi”  video is sure to draw controversy.  Watch below here on CKHiD and comment your thoughts. Is it connected to the issue of before?  And let’s hope there is no reaction to it. In this age, everyone is sensitive.