South Carolina rapper Ricky Prince Represents The Gang He Grew Up In

South Carolina rapper Ricky Prince Represents The Gang He Grew Up In

South Carolina’s Prince of rap has returned with a new visual.   If not familiar, Ricky Prince is the royalty we speak of. With over 20-years of rapping, his consistency is unrivaled by most in Hip-Hop period. His catalog of music is extensive.  Like Nipsey Hussle, the Greenville-SC rapper is running the Marathon. And he’s sticking to doing things independently. Today released the latest project, the official Ricky Prince “Big Ol Meat Freestyle” music video.

“New Freestyle alert” wrote RP on instagram. It captioned a clip of the new music video seen here on CKHiD.  He also tagged MeganTheeStallion to let the femcee know he jacked her beat for a freestyle.


Ricky Prince “Big Ol’ Meat” music video

The new single is all about the rapper’s prowess when the light goes out. He’s letting the world know he handles his business when ‘slinging meat.’   A funny southern saying, it’s a sure thing most understand the lingo. Is it a freestyle or not? That’s up for fans to decide and debate in the comments below.

Either way, the visual continues Prince’s drive into vicarious living. He lets fans get a glimpse into his lifestyle, catching a massage from a woman, as he raps.  Ricky also performs the track, chilling at his house, very ‘everyday-ish’ with the image.

Video Views on YouTube

This “Big Ol Meat Freestyle” music video was just released today, August 29th.    The single only has 28 views as of now. The rapper recently passed the 1000 subscriber mark on YouTube.  Ricky Prince’s Instagram has nearly 3.7k followers.

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