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Drake looking back to see if his friends left after Dance Battle with Chris Brown in 'No Guidance' r&b music video

Drake looking back to see if his friends left after Dance Battle with Chris Brown in ‘No Guidance’ r&b music video


Time to learn a new dance as one of the best entertainers since Michael Jackson has a new R&B video out. The new Chris Brown song featuring Drake has a flick which will likely top the YouTube views of the audio visual. Officially released on July 26th (2019), watch the new music video below.

The Plot

The music video is a spin off and continuation of the drama Breezy and Champagne Papi have been dealing with since 2011 or 2012. The two have not really talked since CB got injured in a club brawl the crews of the two sparked, which ended with the “No Guidance” star being cracked in the chin (read story) with a champagne bottle. Who threw it? Well, many claim it was the guy who calls himself “Champagne Papi,” but it was never confirmed.

The two start off entering a parking lot hang out, unknowing the other will be there. Eventually the two cross paths and Drake sends in a young ‘jit’ to diss Chris Brown, dirty dozens style. The R&B singer’s response to deal with the matter is a dance battle.

Breezy then goes into a smooth dance routine with two of his real-time dance team. Surrounded by women of all shades, the two win the attention of all before turning the spotlight over to Drake. He then has to who he has ‘juice’ on the dance floor but it does not quite work to in his favor.

Views and Streams

This music video already has over 20 million views in less than 4 days. This means it’s currently doing over 5-million views per day. These numbers may grow as international promotions and reach expand.

Streaming numbers are unknown of the single at this time but they are massive. The single pushed Chris Brown’s new album ‘Indigo’ from #12 to #2 on billboard charts.

Watch the “No Guidance” music video below.