Cheila Navarro Cortez, Venezuelan Instagram Model & social media influencer, before she was shot in Guadalajara-Mexico Wednesday

Cheila Navarro Cortez, Venezuelan Instagram Model & social media influencer, before she was shot in Guadalajara-Mexico Wednesday


Do not let the fame go to your head.  Always be aware there are people who do not play fair in the world.     All of the ‘love’ one gets in the position of success can feel like the world is a playground, but it’s not.   Recently Venezuelan social media star Cheila Navarro Cortez was shot in Mexico, after feeling ‘too comfortable in a country of danger.

Who is Cheila Navarro Cortez?

In the United States or outside of Venezuela, one might not know of this social media influencer. However, she was very popular in her native country and other Latin American places.  Known as @LaDollChe_ on instagram, she has over 265,000 followers. Cortez is most famous for her beauty and physically fit body. Her daytime job is being a swimsuit model on the Facebook image sharing app.

The average photo of Cheila Navarro Cortez gains nearly 10,000 likes per upload on her instagram profile. Her growth into the United States markets was rising quickly, but this latest incident may be a set back for her.

Why model Cheila Navarro Cortez was shot in Mexico

“LaDollChe_”  was shot in the Mexican city of Guadalajara.  It’s in the popular tourist state of Jalisco. She remains there today in serious condition at a local hospital.

The reason for the shooting continues to escalate the seriousness of visiting Mexico in 2019.  Tourists are not safe, not even if you speak Spanish. Wednesday, August 28th, the beauty model was in a Jalisco hair salon being serviced.  All of sudden, a single gunman tried to enter the building. When he found the doors locked, he tried shooting up the entrance, likely to break glass and locks.   Inside the building, several clients were struck by the random gunfire. This group included Navarro-Cortez.

Cheila was struck twice in the back by bullets.     Damage was done to a lung, kidney, pancreas, and intestine.    The two bullets did more damage than normal on the thin beauty model’s frame.

Beyond the model, two employees were struck but did not suffer life-threatening injuries. They are out of the hospital and at home in Mexico.

Who shot the model ?

The gunmen are not known yet according to news.   They fled the scene allegedly after realizing what damage had been done to the people inside. Guadalajara Police investigators do know however, the gunman and his accomplice were on a motorcycle. However, they abandoned the motorcycle later. It was likely a stolen vehicle.

Cheila Navarro Cortez is still in serious condition from the event. Doctors hope to save the life of the  Venezuelan model and social media influencer, but her injuries are quite serious. Long term consequences of damaging such internal organs as the pancreas, kidney, or long are quite steep.   Having all 3 and the intestines damaged could prove gravely.