Bigg Jah Runs Down Woman Of Interests, Ready To Over-Promise His Bedroom Skills

Bigg Jah Runs Down Woman Of Interests, Ready To Over-Promise His Bedroom Skills

Everyone needs a laugh every now and then.  After all, we get so much bad news and media content these days, it’s unhealthy.  News and media outlets push ‘shock bait’ more than anything else. Thanks to a few Black social media stars however, the Urban culture is not being pimped for negativity as it once was. Real talent is shining.  Here’s a new flick from influencer Bigg Jah about how a man can hurt himself over-promising to a woman, his bedroom skills.


Over-Promising To A Woman and Under-Delivering

The funny new sketch starts off with ‘Bigg’ meeting up with 2 of his California friends. As they are chilling outside, conversing,  the day gets brighter for the fellas. Where as a moon doesn’t usually do that, it does when A ‘bad little ting’ with heavy cakes walks past the group.

Who’s the first to pull up? Of course is Big Jah.  In the film he plays the role of a thirsty brotha, with all the right words to woo a woman.   His witty replies to her every word, get him a fast lane to the promised lands. The thick Black babe he’s talks to invites him over with a firm stance on wanting his ‘package.’   From there, the two disengage and part ways.

The small chit-chat scene cuts directly to Jahh pulling up to the woman’s apartment bedroom.   Upon arrival she is willing and ready to ‘show off’ and ‘show out.’ Dressed in a fitted 2-piece lingerie set, she welcomes the linebacker sized social media star to her ‘party.’


John Legend Special

However quick, it doesn’t all go down before Bigg Jah can drop a hilarious punchline about giving her the ‘John Legend.’   What is that? Of course, it’s giving all of himself to her. On the first night like a true lover-boy would. But that is not what she wants. The seductress cuts off the lover talk and lets him know, fall in ‘it’ not in love. Then it all goes down.

From the bedroom session the scenes cut to the next day.   Big Jah is in a neck brace and wheelchair. Whereas he was healthy before talking his trash, apparently he had to learn a lesson the hard way. He almost got killed by overpromising to a woman who was sexually aggressive.

Explaining Taking an L to Friends

On the stroll , the couple stop by the location where they first met. And this is also where Jah hangs with his homeboys.  The two friends from day 1 are there and they cannot believe his condition. Once they ask what happened, the lesson of ‘over promising’ is quickly explained by the thick Brown Sugar Babe.

“This just a casualty of love homie. Once my vertebrae heal, I’ll be back to normal homie,” explains Big Jahh first, of his condition.

Shortly after his newfound girlfriend tells the true story.

“He couldn’t hang,” she exclaims.  Before leaving, she continues, “I’ll tell you what. Get your weight up and then give me a call… Robocop.”

A hilarious scenario , watch the viral video about over-promising to a woman you are attracted to, below on CKHiD.  It’s a great laugh, provided by buzzing social media star Bigg Jah.   It’s almost as funny as the skit about losing your ex-girlfriend to a midget ( watch that funny video here ).

The entire crew of friends featured in this skit are also on a comedy tour here. Find dates and location on the actor-comedian’s instagram (@BiggJah).    The names of the other comedians are Minks and Barry Brewer.