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Midget Out Here Handling A Thicky Thick Ting, Bigg Jah Wishes He Had

Midget Out Here Handling A Thicky Thick Ting, Bigg Jah Wishes He Had

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Coming Soon Every guy has had the experience of a girl they liked shaking them off.   The issue may slide in and out of the memory over time until an answer to the strange habits are found.     Here’s a video from social media star Bigg Jah that explains why you might just not want to know.    It does damage to the ego to find out you are a side piece to the one female you are trying to care about.   It does even more damage when your competition is under 4 feet tall and putting the ‘shmack down’ on your favorite friend.

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The best part of this ‘Short’ film..

The ending is probably the most funny part for some. Without getting an actual visual of what is going on, the sounds are enough.  Bigg Jah walks back into the home of the girl he’s been pursuing, only to hear her being long stroked, like Tyrone as going ‘long d–k style.’

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The secondary highlight of the film is the ‘little man’ talking down on Jah, the social media star.    He’s already been reduced to being an Uber Eats driver by the female at one point. However, the midget goes in and tells him to fetch the food before hit gets cold.


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