Black Forces, A Sign that a Guy is Crazy according to RDCWorld1

Black Forces, A Sign that a Guy is Crazy according to RDCWorld1


By now, you may have seen the “Black Forces” video we posted here this week from GMacCash.  Due to the hilarity of that Nike sneakers song,  it’s become a thing for people to search for more related content. In fact, many are trying to find the source of this ‘Black Air Force 1s’ madness.  One video that’s become heavily popular and possibly the source of this joke is ‘3 sign you’re about to fight a crazy n–ga.”  This  comedy video comes from YouTube celebrity and social media influencer “RDCWorld1.”

The 3 signs he is crazy

In the visual, RDC tips off users that when in the Urban community you have 3 things that indicate you might be in over your head during a fight.    If their appearance is outdated, Black Air Force 1s and outdated name brand, the person will fight harder and have a win-loss ratio of 10:1.

The second tip, check the competitions hairline. If they do not keep a clean haircut, just avoid the fight.      No shape up or hair maintenane means the guy has nothing to lose according to RDCWorld1.   With nothing to lose, you will be  going up against the worst kind of guy.  Why is this? Likely he does not care about nothing, including jail or your ‘get back.’  They will lose family, home,  job (if had), and all else before giving up a fight.

The third and final tip from RDC is a very important one. If a person asks for you to hit them and then appreciates the hit,  just scram. Run away to a place far away.     A person like that is legit crazy. If you take the challenge and starts losing, be sure you do not fall. Do not touch the ground during the fight, as they will likely stomp you out.  Not only that, it you will be stomped like Kirk Franklin & GP is cheering your adversary on.  The stomping will go on for an extremely long time.  Perhaps, they won’t even stop stomping you until someone stops them.

Watch the original video below. To date it has nearly 1.5-million views on YouTube.  RDCWorld1 has over 2-million YouTube subscribers.  He also has over 300k followers on instagram.