Rapper Kill 3 men After a Drug-Deal Gone Bad, in Mark Philips Social media skit about Lawyers of Rappers in 2019

Rapper Kill 3 men After a Drug-Deal Gone Bad, in Mark Philips Social media skit about Lawyers of Rappers in 2019

As we are finding out more about Tekashi 6ix9ine’s foolery, even his kidnapping being staged [read here],   it has become apparent clout chasing has hit an all-time high. Not only that however, it seems people with low levels of intelligence are taking over social media.  One of those types of low-iQ groups includes rappers committing crimes.   It seems a lot of young Hip-Hop starts are doing things as if cameras don’t exist.  However, the most shocking part of this , they are actually getting out of jail after committing random acts of violence.  American society has made it clear, money can buy you freedom and judges love money more than community peace.    None the less, social media star “RDCWorld1” has taken it upon himself to make light of the situation.     The actor whose real name is Mark Philips, clowns criminal rappers in a recent comic snippet, “How lawyers always get rappers off.”

Skit Plot

The video is a simple one.   Mark acts like a criminal attorney.  He has a conversation with a ‘hot’ rapper, who just committed a robbery and multiple homicides.   He’s stoopified by why the Hip-Hop artist would do such a stupid crime in broad daylight.   Philips questions the rapper why he would even make a song about the criminal lifestyle he’s living to such an accurate extent.  Even the title of the rapper’s song indicates the crimes he’s done.  However, in the end,  the RDCWorld1 social media leader daps up the rapper and confirms he can get him off.   As  long as he has money, the rapper’s going home.

How accurate is the reality

A social media skit, viewers should and some will think about how accurate this video is.  Though a joke, it actually shows how piss poor morally the justice system in America has become.    There’s a laundry list of rappers in 2019 to whom this video can be applied.  Rappers Kodak Black, Tekashi69,  YNW Melly, NBA Youngboy,  Boonk Gang, and even Young Thug  can be seen as a replacement character for this video about “How lawyers always get rappers off.”

Watch the video below and comment below.   Does it bother you a few dollars can get somebody like an NBA Youngboy out of jail after an innocent Black father gets killed due to crossfire from the rapper’s ignorance?