@Darius_DK  Walks in to a surprise, mistaking his girl crush's suggestive behavior for escaping the friend zone

@Darius_DK Walks in to a surprise, mistaking his girl crush’s suggestive behavior for escaping the friend zone


Every guy in the world has been through this.  Going through it makes some men a savage, who’s personality turns into a player.  A small, minuscule percentage remain unscathed by the flame and remain a ‘good guy.’   The age-old friend zone has left many men looking dumb.  Cars have been paid for behind it, down to house bills.   Kids have been taken care of by the ‘Friend-Daddy.’    Leave it to social media to make it a skit however.  Super popular instagram celebrity ‘Darius DK’ decided to go in on the topic releasing a skit about, When A Girl Who Got You In the Friendzone Plays Too Much.

The instagram skit’s story line

The video starts out with a beautiful, coca cola body built video vixen telling Darius something magical. She admits to knowing he’s been a good friend for a long time ( for many men this can be even a decade).    Then his dream girl invites him to a back room, where it seems like she is going to do something for him, which he likes.   What goes down?  Instead of going to the back room to blow his female friend’s back out, he finds she planned a surprise party.  However, it’s not what he expected and Darius cannot reverse what he has already done. The  instagram celeb was so excited by the idea of a quickie with his ‘babe,’ he stripped down to his draws no problem.   This throws everyone who is there for the birthday surprise all the way off and jokes start to fly.

Views and subscribers

To date, this @Darius_DK video has just over 82,000 views. His follower count is skyrocketing, with nearly 1/2 a million followers on IG alone. His YouTube channel is fairly new and has around 3k subscribers. This number is sure to increase as more figure out he is also there. More importantly , if he creates new content, people generally love it. Even rap legend Snoop Dogg has participated in a video for the instagram celeb.