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Did Kylie & Her Hairstylist Get Plastic Surgery Boob Jobs? ( 2009 vs 2019 )

Did Kylie & Her Hairstylist Get Plastic Surgery Boob Jobs? ( 2009 vs 2019 )


KUWTK’s Kylie Jenner is surrounded by some of the world’s best stylists, makeup artists, and personal trainers in the industry.

She’s got teenage friend and makeup artist, Ariel Tejada, on her side; helping with her signature Kylie lips and eyebrows. Celebrity stylist Dani Mitchell – who also styles sister Kourtney Kardashian – coordinates Kylie’s wardrobe.

And for the past 3 years, hair stylist and wig designer, Tokyo Stylez, has been in Kylie’s crew. Telling People in 2018, “I am responsible for all her hair moments!”. Tokyo has also created wigs for several other celebrities including Cardi B, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj.

Kylie is extremely close with her team, often sharing pictures together in their Instagram and Snapchat stories. Ariel Tejada wrote an open love letter to Kylie on Instagram which everyone loved. And Kylie has always been there for Tokyo Stylez through her transition to a woman.

We know they’re all super close, but did both Tokyo AND Kylie get plastic surgery recently? Both are rumored to have had procedures from a best plastic surgeon, like Jarrod Little of Louisville KY, but it’s definitely not this surgeon she’s working with.  However, his ‘magic hands’ have created bodies that rival the best video vixens of today (as seen here).


Kylie sparks controversy over Halloween

Kylie’s photos posted to Instagram over Halloween first sparked suspicion from fans that she had ‘work done’ recently. Specifically, they thought she had undergone a breast augmentation.

Because Kylie’s Halloween costumes were so revealing, fans noticed her chest looked way bigger than usual. In one costume, she was Ariel from the Disney film ‘The Little Mermaid’. Her purple sea shelled bra definitely showcased her voluptuous figure.

Another costume, Kylie was dressed as a sparkly purple fairy with wings. This outfit also displayed her chest front and center. Despite the many comments accusing her of getting a boob job, Kylie still never said if the accusations were true.

Kylie definitely has the right to privacy over what she does with her body. Fans and the press are in this case left in the dark. That is at least until Kylie is ready to talk more about it.

Tokyo Stylez (hair stylist) and Kylie Jenner . Both have allegedly undergone plastic surgery transformations for boobs & more.

Tokyo Stylez (hair stylist) and Kylie Jenner . Both have allegedly undergone plastic surgery transformations for boobs & more.

Tokyo Stylez takes next step in transition

Friend and hairstylist, Tokyo Stylez though has confirmed to have undergone plastic surgery.

In a public post on Instagram, Tokyo said to followers, “thanks again for all of you who had me in your prayers and supported me for making the decision to transition.”

The 29 year confirmed that she had a successful breast augmentation as well as liposuction around her waist.

She appears to be getting lots of rest and recovering, and hasn’t posted a photo of herself for about a week. She did post one photo in bed right after the surgery. This post-surgery photo showcased her makeup-less face and a huge bandage on her chest.


Celebrating body positivity with a best plastic surgeon of Louisville like Jarrod Little

So the verdict? It appears that Tokyo Stylez did see a doctor similar to a best plastic surgeon of Louisville like Jarrod A. Little . And for Kylie, it’s not likely she has had anything done. She has just given birth to her daughter, Stormi, less that 2 years ago. Women’s bodies change over time, especially through pregnancy. If Kylie has had anything done that she is keeping a secret, critics should let her reveal that on her own timing.

Either way, both Kylie and Tokyo Stylez are beautiful and confident women who are proud of their bodies. That’s surely something to celebrate.

This is another big headline surrounding the plastic surgeons topic this year.   Kim Kardashian, Kylie’s big sister, has also been under fire for allegedly cloning Beyonce with her surgical enhancements.