Bigg Jah Explains How Girlfriend Can Enjoy  Side Dude Chosen by Him

Bigg Jah Explains How Girlfriend Can Enjoy Side Dude Chosen by Him

These days it seems that relationships don’t last as long as they used to. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook show us a lot of options to choose from for a potential partner.  And if we’re not happy in our relationships, we are tempted to strike up a conversation with any one of them. However, if we want to preserve our relationship, we need to establish the rules of cheating with our partners.

Fortunately, TroyInLA describes how to have this difficult conversation with your partner. But it turns out it’s not so difficult after all…

The Rules of Cheating

As Troy describes in his YouTube video, if the cheating is going to happen, it might as well be with someone you know and trust.

“I’ve just been a little busy” Troy’s girlfriend says. “With him,” he responds. “And that’s the problem, I don’t know who him is.”

The solution is a Designated Side Dude (DSD), in this case, Troy’s best friend Brian.

Rule #1: You Get 3 Weekly Visits

How it works:

You can see your DSD twice during the day and once at night. The timing is flexible, as Troy explains. “It could be 9 ‘o’ clock pm, it could be 4 am. But if it’s 4 am, you send her back to me bro– ain’t no spending a night over at a [friend’s] house and lie to me saying that I’m with my girls”

Rule #2: You Get 3 Sex Sessions a Week

How it works:

Each session can last a maximum of 29 minutes. Why? Because, as Troy explains, “30 minutes or more you’re beatin’ up the pu**y and we can’t have that… I just wanna make sure the box is gonna be preserved.”

Rule #3: Condoms Always and No Deep Strokes

Condoms are a given. If it’s going to happen, you may as well be safe about it. The second part of this rule is a little vaguer. Instead of deep strokes, the DSD should aim for polite poundage, “because deep dick tends to lead to falling in love… we can’t have that.”

The rules of cheating are easy to follow, but it is important that both people come to an agreement. You can even have fun choosing your DSD (or Designated Side Chick). Of course, if you don’t want to go through the trouble of deciding, you could take the alternative: “Either that or just be faithful…”

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