Chik-Fil A Employees Fight Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen Employees Over New Chicken Sandwich

Chik-Fil A Employees Fight Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen Employees Over New Chicken Sandwich

The entire United States is swept up in a chicken sandwich hysteria.   The battle for supreme piece of chicken between buns has gotten intense. There’s even been several fights between people at PopeEyes Louisiana Kitchen over the new chicken sandwich.  However, none compare to what happened in this recent video captured by RDCWorld1’s Mark Philips. A group of employees of Chick-fil A tossed their chicken sandwiches into the drive thru window of a Popeye’s restaurant at rival employees.

Popeyes vs Chick-fil A: Workers Fight

You got it right, employees from Chik-fil A went and did a drive by on a PoppEye’s Louisiana Kitchen location.   In broad daylight, the crew of 3 friends from the rival franchise, went into the drive-thru. There, they began filming the lower standard customer service and mocking it.

After ordering the new competitors sandwich,  the crew of 3 Chik-Fil A employees pulled up to the window.   The Popeye’s worker tried to hand the sandwich to the group as a normal customer. However, the driver of the Chik-Fil A crew took the bagged chicken and tossed it back in the face of the rival brand’s employee.

“Man get that sh-t out my face” said the car driver to the Drive Thru worker.

From there, things went downhill.  Strong words were passed by both parties in this Popeyes vs Chick-fil A battle.    After a short video skip, all of the employees could be seen, chicken sandwiches on the ground, fighting it out.

Watch this full video below on CKHiD.    Great job by RDCWorld1 and Mark Phillips on this video.  A hilarious sketch comedy on Popeyes vs Chik-Fil A.  Be sure to watch more social media videos here on CKHiD:  cilck here.

If not familiar, RDC World is one of the most popular YouTubers of the current generation surfing the web.  The crew has over 2-million subscribers on YouTube.  Across the different social media platforms their total of followers is over 4-million.