Kevin Garnett Co-Signs BoutADollar Butta on Instagram

Kevin Garnett Co-Signs BoutADollar Butta on Instagram

When NBA Legend Kevin Garnett speaks, he has a voice to influence the world.  He’s the NBA’s highest earning athlete to date. He’s had multi-million dollar shoe deals with Nike, adidas, and And1.   Through all the success however, it appears he’s still not forgotten where he came from. Yesterday, Kevin Garnett co-signed BoutADollar Butta, a rapper from his hometown.

The “Kid” is From Mauldin, South Carolina

Many people, even fans of KG, think he came from the city of Chicago-Illinois. It was from here he made his leap from High School sports to the professionals.   At only 18-years-old, he went from jumping to block shots of 15 to 18 year old Hooper to signing a multi-million dollar deal. The team who took the risk on the young phenom was the Minnesota Timberwolves. Needless to say, their risk on “The Kid” paid off.

What people did not know at the time however, the truth of where KG’s from. The NBA MVP, all-star, and All-defensive player actually came from South Carolina. He was born in raised in Mauldin-SC, a compact city within the Greenville-Spartanburg-Anderson, Metropolitan.


Kevin Garnett Posts Carolina Rapper BoutADollar Butta

Kevin Garnett Posts the BoutADollar "Off It" music video clip

Kevin Garnett Posts the BoutADollar “Off It” music video clip


Many may think the former “Teen Wolf” sensation has forgotten his roots.  He no longer has his annual basketball tournament in his hometown, he moved it to Minnesota.   Garnett does not get published when he visits the area either. Recent news of his sister’s arrest (see here), created even more doubt.   KG has not forgotten home though.

Earlier yesterday C.KHiD, a fellow Mauldin-SC alumni,  reached out to Kevin via Instagram. He let the basketball legend know a new talent was buzzing in Greenville with rap.  Perhaps the “KG” of rap in SC, that new artist was BoutADollar Butla.

After Garnett got wind of the artist, he re-posted the rapper’s video  “Off It” (watch here) to his Instagram story. A huge nod for the upcoming SC rapper, Kevin’s following includes celebrities and entertainers, along with his fans.  The simple post may create a shift in the Greenville rapper’s career.

‘BAD Butla’ has yet to respond to the post publicly.  It is a sure thing he saw it and a few of the Big Ticket’s 862K followers (@Tic_Pix) did as well.

Could this be a sign that KG has an interest in music as well?  He did once have a hand in much of the Urban scene early in his basketball career. The Hoops star had an upscale urban fashion label, “OBF.’   Garnett also had a few friends who rapped including ‘Lil Hype’ and “Killavile Records.”