Rapper Lil Durks has shown he has hooping skills before via social media. The rapper’s got one of the best jump shots of the 2019 Hip-Hop generation.  Now it seems the Chicago Drill Music legend has interests in building his business with the sport as well. Yesterday, it was revealed Lil Durk gifted Zillion Williamson, OTF jersey &  new Durkio’s cereal.

Zion Williamson OTF Jersey, Durkio's Cereal, and Thank You Note  For sharing "Love Songs 4 The Streets 2"

Zion Williamson OTF Jersey, Durkio’s Cereal, and Thank You Note For sharing “Love Songs 4 The Streets 2”

Zion Williamson OTF Jersey

South Carolina’s biggest name from basketball since Kevin Garnett is reaping all the benefits of owning the spotlight in the sport. Now that he’s free of NCAA restrictions, he’s become an instant marketing vehicle for Jordan brand down to  NBA2K. Now, one may wonder if he’s about to become a music curator like Lebron James.

Zion took to instagram yesterday to show his appreciation for rap music and rapper Lil Durk. Apparently the two have  a friendship beyond the business. The rapper, real name Durk Banks, sent over a Zion Williamson OTF jersey and copy of his new album. Accompanying the set was a thank you card.

“ Zion, wanted to send you something to show you love for your all your support. Consider this your official invitation into OTF. Hope you enjoy the gift and f–k with the album,” reads the thank you notice.

The jersey itself is all black with white trimming around the arm and neck-hole.  It has OTF and the #1, which stands for Only The Family and Williamson’s draft number, on the front in white lettering.  On the rear reads the Hooper’s first name, Zion.

Lil Durk Album “Love Songs 4 The Streets 2”

The gift was for the sharing of music Williamson has done presumably.  Durk’s latest project, “Love Songs 4 the Streets 2” has been on the Spartanburg-SC’s playlist .   ZW’s 4.1-million followers must have shown up on the spotify stats after his sharing songs via social media, because obviously Durk is thankful.

“Love Songs 4 The Streets” has not drawn the greatest reviews by sites like Pitchfork.  But it is clear, fans are in love with the music from a momentary standpoint. The 16-track album has received over 20,000 likes on Durk’s Sondcloud [ play here ].    As of today, September 6th,  at least 10 of those songs have been streamed over 1-million times and others soon to cross over.


Rapper Gunna x Zion Williamson, Hip-Hop and NBA Players Are Building Relationships

Rapper Gunna x Zion Williamson, Hip-Hop and NBA Players Are Building Relationships

Lil Durkio’s Cereal

The album was and jersey were not the only gifts to Zion either.  The package came complete with edibles. The Chi-Town rapper who’s facing murder charges in Atlanta, also gifted the potential heir to Lebron James’ throne, a box of Durkio’s cereal.

If not aware, Durk’s got his own box of morning munchables.    The “Hip-Hop cereal” features a cartoon character version of the “This Aint What You Want” rapper on the front of the box.  And the image is quite rapper-ish, featuring Durk with his gold chains and rings. Even the rapper’s hair is blond, just as he has dyed it today.

The actual cereal itself can be seen as a rap alternative to Cheerio’s.   The price is far different however. Created in partnership with So Flo Snacks, the morning breakfast item costs a stunning $19.99 box. Lil DurkiO’s cereal is considered a limited edition item and can be purchased on the official SoFloSnacks.com store.

Zion Williamson thanks Durk for the gifts and shared all of this via his Instagram story.  His reach is over 10-million strong according to various social media analytics sites.   The Zion Williamson OTF jersey is a 1-of-1 gift, not to be resold by the rapper’s brand.