Ness Nitty (Girlfriend) and Colin Kaepernick dressed like they are ready to visit Wakanda in Africa

Ness Nitty (Girlfriend) and Colin Kaepernick dressed like they are ready to visit Wakanda in Africa

The 3 year anniversary of the NFL’s boycotting of Colin Kaepernick just passed last week, August 16th.    He riled up league bosses by taking a knee during the singing of the national anthem.  It was his way of protesting police brutality against Black people in America.    Aware of the ‘risks’ that came with it, he put his job on the line for the culture. The results, NFL team owners around the league worked together to keep him from playing in professional football forever.

After various aftershocks and protests from the fallout, it seems one of the biggest allies of Colin, is no longer an ally. Rapper Jay-Z was once one of the biggest organizers against the NFL, demanding C-Kap get put on a team.  Now, the rap mogul’s ‘auto-tuned’ his voice on the matter.  Jigga’s now partnered with the NFL (read here) to direct the NFL’s music & entertainment.  Along with this, he’ll be consulting on the league’s new social justice campaign.  But there are problems with this move.  Jay-Z said he thought the problem Black culture had with the NFL was over. Many feel the 90’s rapper spoke as if a representative for the entire Afro-American population.  The offense has come with many responses.

The most important of all replying, Colin Kaepernick has seemingly responded via instagram. It seems the former 49er’s Superbowl competitor, isn’t ‘feelin’ it,’how Hov’s doing things.

The Response…

“My Brothers @e_reid35 @kstills @ithinkisee12 continue to fight for the people, even in the face of death threats. They have never moved past the people and continue to put their beliefs into action. Stay strong Brothers!!! ✊🏾” posted Colin on IG yesterday [see post here].

The line They have never moved past the people” has many believing it is Colin’s response to Jay-Z’s media talk.    It’s him protesting Jigga’s stance on the matter, which seems to be an attempt to smother the movement of Black people & supporters of racial justice, boycotting the NFL.

A snake move?

“I think we have moved past kneeling,” said the Roc Nation boss on the National Football League boycott, which stemmed from Colin Kaepernick’s iconic kneel against police brutality.

Without Kaepernick’s support, many are looking at Jay-Z with a very slanted eye.  The rapper’s contradictory business move, goes against everything he said he supported. It’s also the “In my Lifetime” rapper being quite hypocritical with his peers, as he told Kriss Kross creator & SoSoDef record label boss Jermaine Dupri, do not do a very similar deal. Some say the deal was actually the same.

Meanwhile, Kaepernick has not stopped his stance on protesting police brutality nor NFL player’s rights.   He’s still supportive of all football players in the league taking a kneel during the national anthem, sharing photos of them on instagram.    Kenny Stills, Eric Reid, and Albert Wilson are the 3 latest football players to be uploaded to the athlete-activist’s IG profile.

More on this as the story unravels.  Rumors have it, Jay-Z made this move to buy into an NFL team, himself.