Jordan Kilganon, Bone Collector, and Danilo Gallinari before a basketball game of "HORSE" (FIBAWC)

Jordan Kilganon, Bone Collector, and Danilo Gallinari before a basketball game of “HORSE” (FIBAWC)

Basketball has really found a home on YouTube among the pranksters, rappers, and actors.    A lot of stars have emerged from different talents within the game of hooping. Dunkers, trick shooters, scholastic athletes, and even street ballers are gaining a following of subscribers in the millions.    One of the faces familiar on YouTube right now is Jordan Kilganon. Most have seen him in dunk videos doing double eastbays, arm in the rim, and other spectacular moves. This week, he just released a new video, testing his shot.  Kilganon had a ‘FIBA world Cup’ Game of horse against NBA All-Star Danilo Gallinari and playground legend, Bone Collector.

What were the game rules?

This was not a game of 21, where 3 mean played 1 on 1.   Instead it was all about the skills and creativity of the players.    Bone Collectors, who plays for FIBA World Cup basketball, appears to have arranged the game of Horse between the three hoopers.  The rules were simple, make a trick shot, then everybody else has to do the same. If those following the leader missed, they had to add 1 letter from the word “FIBAWC” to their record.   Once the full word is spelled out in a self count, that person loses.

Watching the game, it appears dunks were not allowed either after the first one. Danilo Gallinari tested the ‘hops’ of the others but to be fair, they may have stopped this because Jordan Kilganon has an unfair advantage.  That is what he does for a living, only dunking.

Bone Collector, who’s been hooping for over 20 years at this point, cannot dunk.    Add in the factor, the amazingly fast and quick witted hooper is under 6-feet tall as well.  It would not make for an interesting watch if all the others did was dunks as he would have ‘0’ chance of winning.

Jordan Kilganon vs Danilo Galinari vs Bone Collector

In the face off match, the winner almost feels predestined. However, it did seem like  a fair ‘shake’ for all in this basketball matchup. NBA Player and all-star, Italian Stallion, did beat both Kilganon and BC.     The final shot was clutch as all three players had FIBAWC. Bone Collector actually had a chance to win it, but failed to make his trick shot.

Watch this game of horse ‘FIBAWC’ below on CKHiD.   Hoop life or no life.