Where's the Love? Brandi Padilla & Kevin Garnett have been together since Teenager, what happened?

Where’s the Love? Brandi Padilla & Kevin Garnett have been together since Teenager, what happened?

It was all good, just a few years ago.  Divorce gets ugly when you’re a man with money, dating a woman with less. However, if you have a prenup, terms should be clear.  It appears Kevin Garnett’s legal terms in the prenup with soon-to-be ex-wife Brandi Padilla, is no longer okay to her. She’s fighting terms of the agreement the couple made at the time of the marriage.    She’s doing this in an attempt to strip ‘KG’ of nearly half-a-million dollars for her future lawyer fees, according to Yahoo! sports.

The former NBA champion from South Carolina made $326-million-dollars over his 21 year career in the league. He slightly edges out Kobe Bryant by around $3-million-dollars according to online reports.  The numbers made him the highest paid basketball player of all-time.

News reports say his wife wants a small fraction of the earnings as of now.  KG and Padilla have a prenup however. This legal document between the two protect the bulk of his financial assets.

Kevin Garnett Divorce case value

Still,  the ex-wife is fighting the prenup.  She claims her former husband owes her for a alleged  $12-million-dollar joint account they planned. Brandi says the NBA legend was supposed to set up the joint bank account but never did.   Furthermore, she alleges the account was to be emergency funds in case the couple split up. The former love of Garnett wants $6-million-dollars for that alleged agreement.

Beyond this, Padilla also wants $425k immediately.  This money is to be used to pay her legal fees to battle her ex-husband in court.  She currently owes her lawyer for arranging spousal and child support. She expects more fees for upcoming battles over the ‘missing joint bank account’ and over an additional $12-million-dollar tax return.

The couple recently received the $12MM tax return, which was split between the two.   Padilla says KG should use part of that money to pay for her legal team. Garnett’s legal team claim his ex-wife owes him the $6-million-dollars, as the full $12-million is his legally.

As of now, courts have ruled in favor of Padilla to receive a $100k monthly, spousal and child support payment.  This is money to sustain her separate household until the final court decision is made on the Kevin Garnett divorce case.

Away from this $1.2-million a year settlement, the case appears to be a battle royale over  less than 6% of what KG has made in his career. However, Garnett took a huge hit to those earnings when his accountant and wealth manager somehow ran off with over $75-million dollars [ read here ].

Where’s the love?

It is sad to see Kevin and Brandi break up.  Few know this, but the two have been together since high school.  Though KG was a bit of a phenomenon at the time they met,  his future was not certain at that point of time.  The couple have traveled the world together, experienced KG’s championship as a couple, had 2 children, and more.     The two even share friendships with other couples.

The split of the two people is a lot easier than working out differences. Pride and money tend to be two of the biggest reasons people split. However, we must ask:  Do Kevin & Brandi remember the good memories of what they had through all of this?  If all the money were gone and they just had stories to tell, how sweet was life versus the bad?

Garnett retired from the NBA in 2016.  He returned to his original team, the Minnesota Timberwolves to finish his career, after winning a championship with the Boston Celtics.