Prince Akeem and Akon, Real Prince of Zamunda . An edited "Coming to America" [movie] image

Prince Akeem and Akon, Real Prince of Zamunda . An edited “Coming to America” [movie] image

Pop Singer Akon has been a known advocate of crypto curencies and the real Prince of Zamunda in America.  The St-Louis Missouri raised mogul went on top radio show, the Breakfast Club recently to discuss his involvement.    While many in Hip-Hop culture may be late to invest, people like Nipsey Hussle & 50 Cent made large sums from it. Now Akon talks Akoin cryptos & how Bitcoin (BTC) could’ve saved T-Pain $40-million dollars.

The Breakfast Club with Akon was released just last week. The singer discussed many topics of finance and business but none were more interesting than Crypto Currencies.  The singer discussed the future of digital currencies and what his brand of Akoin cryptos is about.

When questioned about the legitimacy and value of crypto currencies, Akon made things very clear to DJ Envy of TBC.   He says the value of anything in life is based on human belief at it’s core. And as of today, human belief backs crytpo currencies. Because of that, trust converts into gains for people who buy into BTC stocks

“I can buy a Ferrari with Bitcoin. I can buy a house with Bitcoin. I can buy whatever i want to by with bitcoin because it’s just as equally valued as the dollar because the people say it is [of value].”

Akon Talks Akoin Cryptos, Digital Currency

From here DJ Envy asks Akon about his new currency, Akoin.   Very uneducated on the matter, the radio show host asks how can he buy it. And beyond that, if he does by it, can he get his money back.   A typical consumer newbie question, Akon appeared to love the topics.

“Yeah, you can always change it over.”  “If you want to change your coin back over to an actual dollar, but you’re putting yourself at risk again.”

Akons’ referring to ‘risks,’ is likely in reference to the rumored collapse of the US economy that’s on the way.   Many who study the economy say President Trump’s policies are guaranteed to put America into a huge hole, before it will surge back.

Akoin is becoming the official Crypto Currency of Africa

Akoin is becoming the official Crypto Currency of Africa

Akon on Bitcoin & T-Pain Losing $40-Million US Dollars

After clearing topics of his Akoins, Akon did also talk about the world’s biggest crypto currency, Bitcoin.  In a candid few minutes, he says had platinum-decorated singer T-pain invested when he did, he’d not have lost his fortune.

“Did you hear about when T-Pain was up here?” says DJ Envy to Akon, about the famed autotune king visiting their show. He continues, “He was talking about he had 40-million-dollars in his account and then he became absolutely, positively broke.”

According to Akon, he says has T-Pain invested in Bitcoin at the same time as himself, he’d never have went broke.

“Trust me, if he had invested that $40-million [into Bitcoin], it would be $400-million [dollars]. Had he had invested around the same time I invested, for sure [it would be].”

Referring to the spike of growth Bitcoin had earlier, Akon’s had an unknown amount of profits from cryptocurrency in his business history.  However, it’s been made clear the Pop star hade multi-millions, as it’s likely one of the biggest reasons he had a gas station at his Atlanta home and been able to get a $1-billion-dollar loan.

Though highly successful himself, Akon says he has never had money conversations with his artist.  The “Wakonda” singer has never tried to give financial advice to anyone, as he rather haves purpose in the actual craft of music and let them see his moves, being an example of success.

Richest Man of Africa: 10% Or Less Rule On Spending

Another financial jewel Akon dropped on the Breakfast club show was the 10-percent rule. The tip is an obvious take from the world-famous book on wealth, the Richest Man Of Babylon.  However, the “Lonley” singer clarified the rule to fans, professing he practices the 10% law.

Akon said, “I got this 10-percent rule. Like, If whatever I’m purchasing isn’t 10% of 100% value of what I have in the bank, I don’t touch it.”

He continued elaborating on the rule 13 minutes into the interview, talking about how to decide what car or house to purchase.     He restates that people should stay within their means, no matter how much success they think is coming soon.

Watch the full interview with the Breakfast Club below.  Hear the full segment where Akon talks Akoin, Bitcoin, Managing Finance, and more.

Visit the official AKOIN website to learn more about cryptos: go now.