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    margin-right: auto; Obviously, this step can have negative effects on you, so if you have any big purchases in the works, then give yourself time to unfreeze your credit before trying to purchase anything that would require credit. Planning is essential on your part.

    Coming Soon Stay aware

    margin-top: 177px; Cybersecurity attacks like this one occur regularly, but there are plenty of ways for you to ensure your safety in the event of a security breach.

    max-width: 1170px; Experts say the most important thing is vigilance.

    padding-right: 15px; If your bank doesn’t already offer a credit monitoring service, then consider signing up for one. This is an easy way to stay up to date on your scores and any loans in your name.

    padding-left: 15px; Obviously, you don’t have to use a service, but the alternative is to check on all the reports yourself. If you choose this option, just make sure to do it regularly – at least four times a year.

    } Cybersecurity giant Norton says that “If the companies offer activity alerts via text or email, it may make sense for you to sign up for them.” An additional option is requesting activity notifications for your accounts, either directly from your bank or from a monitoring service.

    Stay wary of scammers

    “Don’t respond to phone calls or emails from creditors,” advises Sandberg. “Call them using the phone number you find on the legitimate website.”

    .row:before, .row:after { Also, make sure that any site you use online is a secure one. There are many sites online masquerading as real companies, but there’s an easy way to distinguish the real ones from the frauds. Real sites will have correctly spelled URLs, and begin with https://. The “s” stands for secure, meaning the site has encryption enabled to ensure the security of any user-inputted data.

    display: table; Most importantly, just remember to stay cautious and aware when it comes to your finances. Online attacks occur with astounding regularity, and can cripple your finances. If you follow the outlined steps, you’ll probably be in the clear.

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