New Nicki Minaj hair is pink. New Rihanna hair is red. It is going to be colorful year in young black womens hairstyles, as these two trendsetters call the shots. Looking to shock Hollywood and press internationally, the two stars definitely created much attention with these bold, yet playful womens hairstyles and color.

“Rihanna’s got a black womens hairstyle that is sexy. I think of Nicki Minaj’s hairstyle more as an artistic thing, which works for her Barbie persona and style. They both are sexy, confident chicks, and this form of expression is great for entertainment,” spoke the long-hair, don’t care new rap sensation, C.KHiD.

The New Nicki Minaj hairstyle was first debuted in London, caught while exiting BBC Radio One studios. Getting mobbed by fans and media as she walked outside the radio station, lots of new Nicki Minaj pics have surfaced around the web as result. Sporting a second hairdo when she exited the airplane to arrive in London, the Pink Gumby hair du was a fast change from her previous black womens hairstyle.

The New Rihanna Hairstyle is a red, detangled curls, blow out. Thick and sexy, she added some spice to the du that was similarly worn by Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and others before. A long way from when she first chopped her hair around 2009, Rihanna’s fans and website browsers love the new look.

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New Nicki Minaj Hair is Pink While New Rihanna Hair is Red Pics 

Nicki Minaj Pink Hair caused a lot of hysteria in London. It looks amazingly cool though. 

Rihanna Red Hair, is the talk of many hair blogs. Looking good with her curly red afro, she shuts down the strip.